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Word: Auto-enumerate (beta)

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OORT (4) 3 hours from now Firetruck
PARAMEDIC (9) 17 hours from now quatrevingtneuf
REFLECT (7) 1 day, 9 hours from now dohz
CHLAMYDIA (9) 1 day, 14 hours from now AuthorialIntent

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Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted
PARAMEDIC (9) Doctor to panic, eat ramen, exchange news for 500 (9) doctor = def
panic eat ramen = PA(RAMEN)NIC
exchange news for 500 = Ns become D
55 minutes ago
CHLAMYDIA (9) Unpleasant malady, with a bit of inflammation after touching central parts! (9) &lit
anag MALADY with I, after middle of touCHing
please remember to practice safe sex
6 hours ago
CHLAMYDIA (9) A child may unfortunately get STI (9) *ACHILDMAY 6 hours ago

Past Contests

Contest Winning Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By
KOBAYASHI MARU (9, 4) (ended 5 hours, 54 minutes ago) Cry in defeat as that man (a Russian) creates no-win scenario (9, 4) Cry = BAY (like a dog's bay)
in = insertion indicator
defeat = KO (knock out)
as = AS
that man = HIM
a = A
Russian = RU (abbreviation in language code)
creates = linking word
no-win scenario = KO(BAY)AS+HIM+A+RU
MEANDER (7) (ended 2 days, 7 hours ago) Surly? Upset? Angry? Take a walk (7) MEAN (=surly) + RED< (upset angry)
Take a walk=def
ANY CLUE THAT CONTAINS THE PHRASE "LOST IN TRANSLATION" (?) (ended 3 days, 12 hours ago) Fired from leading roles in “Lost in Translation” (3) L_+I_+T_ dohz
COUNTRY (7) (ended 4 days, 12 hours ago) Jointly reverse attempt for territory??? (7) ddef

Jointly reverse attempt = CO-UN-TRY, or COUNTRY when unhyphenated
territory = def
GRAB BAG (4, 3) (ended 6 days, 14 hours ago) Excitedly brag and talk about a variety of things (4, 3) Excitedly = anagrind
brag = BRAG
and = concatenation
talk = GAB
about = reversal
a variety of things = def


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