PAN (3)

Started by Space_Kalak

Pot roast (3)


Submitted by skaldskaparmal

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
5231 Pot roast (3) ddef skaldskaparmal 5
5235 Peter Piper? (3) ddef Peter Pan and Pan as in the satyr with famous pipes Zimonze 4
5238 Spanish stuffing!?? (3) &lit, sPANish and stuffing as in bread you put in a turkey (pan being Spanish for bread) ev3commander 3
5230 Piper's sleep over (3) NAP< (Pan as in the satyr with famous pipes) Firetruck 2
5232 Criticise bread from Spain (3) ddef criticise = Spanish for "bread" Sp3000 2
5233 Thing that cooks emergency food takes one sec (3) PAN = thing that cooks = PAIMON ("emergency food", as a meme from Genshin Impact) minus ("takes") I MO ("one" and "sec") Sp3000 1
5234 God of Spanish bread (3) ddef :D lydian 1
5240 It hurts when you avoid me to search for gold (3) "it hurts" = PAIN; when you avoid "I" get PAN = "to search for gold" frictionlessemu 1
5245 Spanish bread - I am not into French bread (3) PA(-i)N Tiralmo 1