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Cake with some biscuit or tea (5)

biscuiT OR TEa

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5273 Cake with some biscuit or tea (5) biscuiT OR TEa Kit 1
5279 Otter going crazy for cake (5) OTTER* = cake Idontknow 1
5277 Playful otter cake (5) *otter flatluigi 0
5278 Ugly otter cake (5) *otter Zimonze 0
5280 Cake is otter in disguise (5) OTTER* EpicToast 0
5281 Take Black Forest for one's route following scenic loop (5) RTE following "scenic" loop=O (looks like a loop) Firetruck 0
5286 Cake has wrong energy (5) TORT + E (as in tort law) Kit 0
5287 Radio 4 baking lesson's result???? (5) This is a very dumb clue and you should not vote for it
The idea is a torte/taught homophone that apparently doesn't exist outside of Britain, hence "Radio 4", combined with a dodgy attempt at a British cryptic pun-style clue :notlikeduck:
Space_Kalak 0