Started by Sp3000

Spin bad year with worship (6)

"worship" = PR+YEAR*

Submitted by phenomist

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73 Spin bad year with worship (6) "worship" = PR+YEAR* phenomist 3
71 Skate in each service (6) Skate = RAY in Each = PER

Service = PRAYER
77 A worship for Rachel Keen is stuck in public relations. (6) Worship: def
Rachel Keen: RAYE
Public relations: PR
Stuck in: P(RAYE)R
RainedMirror 0
81 Hope for disorganized parry without energy (6) PARRY* around ("without") E(nergy)
Def is "hope", as in "without a prayer"
madjaqk 0
93 Religious custom per ray of scrambled sunshine (6) PER RAY anagram quadraxus61 0