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Cataract in fuzzy white area (10)


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589 Cataract in fuzzy white area (10) CATARACTIN* madjaqk 4
580 A new strategy incorporating castle by a desert (10) A+N+TA(R)CTIC+A = desert Sp3000 2
590 A timeless sort of tantric act in land to the south (10) land to the south: A+NTARCTICA(-t) AuLeaf 1
594 Cain plus tract; a tilled land (10) (CAINTRACTA)* edderiofer 1
595 Place insect on a curved path; note state (10) Down clue only
madjaqk 1
591 Obnoxious rant in beginning of show about deep South? (10) obnoxious rant = NTAR; in beginning of show = in A(.)CT I; about = CA (circa) prawo 0