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Eliminate exciting event (7)


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5510 Eliminate exciting event (7) ddef (KICK OFF/KICKOFF) wolf 3
5509 Start to cheer on? Just the opposite! (7) Start=def
"Cheer" is opposite of "kick", "on" is opposite of "off"
Does this clue work? Do people feel vitriolic rage at "just the opposite" clues? Stay tuned!
Firetruck 2
5511 Alright, 99 thousand? Strange to start (7) K+IC+K+OFF = "start" mstang107 2
5527 Report of crucial cold symptom is the event that started it all (7) Homophone of "key cough" InvalidD 2
5529 A thousand unbounded sickos fast-forward to beginning of game (7) K+(-s)ICKO(-s)+FF dohz 2