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Op art: it confounded a countryman (7)


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646 Op art: it confounded a countryman (7) PATRIOT* AuLeaf 4
625 Short Irish saint cradles triplets for Robert Emmet, e.g. (7) Irish saint= PATRICK, PAT for short
Robert Emmet=Irish Patriot
618 It's easy to go crazy and start breaking stuff for someone who loves their country (7) PAT ("It's easy") + RIOT ("Go crazy and start breaking stuff") madjaqk 2
642 Member of the Brady Bunch, or the Three Stooges maybe, in Endless Road (7) ref Patriots QB Tom Brady
(There is an Australian film on iMDb called "Endless Road")
AuLeaf 2
647 Losing support, religious leader turned to terrorism act (7) "terrorism act" = PATRI(-arch)+OT< phenomist 2
648 Football player beginning to shout out, "Fight, fight!" during ball game, perhaps (7) Football player: (-s_)PAT+RIOT
fight: SPAT
[with] beginning to shout out: (-s_)PAT
fight during ball game, perhaps: RIOT
AuLeaf 2
619 Reverend Spooner to evaluate Mondrian's "Super Bowl Champion" (7) "RATE PIET" spoonerism madjaqk 1
626 Tom Brady, for instance, throws three in a play after scoring (7) "Tom Brady, for instance" = definition = PA(TRIO)T
"three" = TRIO
"a play after scoring" = PAT ( = Point After Touchdown)
frictionlessemu 1
637 Country lover out south repeats "strip, strip" instead of respecting redheads from the start (7) Country lover = PA(RR -> _TRI_)OT_ Akumu 1
643 Lincoln portrait misconstrued, except for revolutionary Left (7) portrait misconstrued = PATRRIOT*
except for revolutionary Left = PATRIOT(-r_)*
prawo 0
652 National vessel containing endless chambers (7) P(ATRI[-a])OT phenomist 0