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Law for Julia's odd suggestion (6)


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5660 Law for Julia's odd suggestion (6) L_W_O_J_L_A TangentOfA 2
5661 Allow mibnt about jack shit (6) def shit = ALLOW* -> LWO(J)LA Kit 2
5665 A small bag for carrying heavy items to a small village or other gathering place (6) Ddef.

(according to www.thisworddoesnotexist.com)
Linus 2
5659 I hear melon is nonsense word (6) LWOJLA, homophone of "cantaloupe" EpicToast 1
5662 Take back everything broken by half-word junk started by cat jumping on the keyboard, maybe (6) cat jumping on keyboard, maybe = def
L(WOrd + Junk)LA<
Firetruck 1
5663 Message: "broken jaw, lol" (6) LWOJLA* edderiofer 1
5666 Lydian's word's origin: joking letters and primarily the answer to this clue (6) LWOJLA inits EpicToast 1