VOTE (4)

Started by Tiralmo

Pivoted pocketed pick (4)


Submitted by dohz

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
5721 Pivoted pocketed pick (4) _VOTE_ dohz 4
5727 Gerudo man bearing top piece of Triforce makes a decision (4) VO(T_)E

Gerudo man = VOE
dohz 3
5723 Referendum in university almost reversed after victory (4) def referendum = V+(-n)OTE
university almost= ETO(-n)
Kit 1
5729 Express opinion of ghost, overlooking odd sounds (4) def: "express opinion"; remove odd phonemes of "of ghost" (əvgōst → vōt) mbingo 1
5718 Messy stove takes out second choice (4) *STOVE without (S)econd Kusane 0