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President is sloppy in bed (5)



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5858 President is sloppy in bed (5) BIDEN*

dohz 1
5860 Crushed in endless debt for president (5) BIDEN(-t)* dohz 1
5869 Joe apparatus for your butt but butt turns north (5) BIDE(T->N)
second "butt" = last letter
TangentOfA 1
5886 Secretly, the alibi denounces the President (5) hidden word = aliBI DENounces
the President = def
majickace 1
5856 President said "bye, then!" (5) "bye, then" sounds like biden
(i just wanted to submit a clue)
joman522 0
5888 President Idaho in London clocktower (5) B(ID)EN
President is def
WoomyRogue 0