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Flow god: OG wolf (5)


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6084 Flow god: OG wolf (5) DOGGO* EpicToast 4
6110 Slam in app animals (3) Slam = _P AN_ hidden Sp3000 4
6085 Burst, SE, nests rub (5) S(PAT)E Linus 3
6096 Evil olive (4) "Barren brownish-green" is a ddef for DRAB Cheshire 3
6103 Spat put salt (a li'l, at last!) up taps (5) Down clue. Spat = put S+A+_L up C+H (cold/hot "taps") = C(LAS<)H

Slightly dodgy insertion via "put ... up ..." but the visual image is stuffing something up a tube (i.e. inserted rising). Not the best surface either but I've already wasted too many hours.
Sp3000 3
6105 Lean, big marten, *non*? Even on NE tram, Gib? N/A, el (6) even letters fromo netramgibnael: _E_R_M_I_N_E_
def: lean, big marten, non? (an ermine/stoat is leaner and larger than most species of marten. "non" is French for "no" here)
AuLeaf 2
6107 Star prof Sig, e.g., is for prats (7) DON ("star prof", as in senior university teacher) + KEY (sig e.g., as in key signature) + 'S ("is") = DONKEYS = prats Sp3000 2
6108 "Taps", sides reversed, is "spat" (4) wp: reverse another word for "taps" ("raps")
SPAR< (as in a quarrel)
AuLeaf 2
6082 Top spot (5) POINT (ddef) skaldskaparmal 1
6088 Al lets Della call Ed "Stella"? (5) WEIRD (ddef) Cheshire 0