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Cop enters a hot club in chaos (7)


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676 Cop enters a hot club in chaos (7) A+NARC+H+Y prawo 2
687 Arbitrary structure within non-governmental organization? (7) arbitrary: ANY
structure: ARCH
within: container/contents indicator
non-governmental organization?: AN(ARCH)Y
AuLeaf 2
675 No particular Vault included an intentional lack of structure (7) An intentional lack of structure = AN(ARCH)Y: "no particular," "vault" included Akumu 1
689 One leaderless march begins yet another era of lawlessness (7) ONE: AN
leaderless march: (-m)ARCH
begins yet: Y
another era of lawlessness: def
wolf 1
697 Panty girl, rich, selfless, "You first!" (7) "Panty" = ANARCHY, as in Panty Anarchy from Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt

"girl" = ANA

"rich, selfless" = R(-i)CH

"you first" = Y

ANA + R(-i)CH + Y
edderiofer 0