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Go check out tech company (6)


Submitted by madjaqk

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
694 Go check out tech company (6) GO OGLE madjaqk 6
721 Alphabet component (start to end) with race component (end to start) (6) start: GO
to end: _O
race component (end to start): LEG with G moved to start = GLE
Alphabet component = GO+_O+GLE
level 3
724 Where some days see changes to good doodle! (6) (d->G)OO(d->G)LE prawo 3
695 "Sticky substance", strange gel search (6) GOO+GLE* phenomist 2
716 With eye, try to look up (6) eye: OGLE
try: GO
with X, Y: juxtaposition indicator (ambidirectional)
to look up: GO+OGLE
AuLeaf 2
717 Try overhead train, try turning over engine (6) Try: GO
overhead train: EL [elevated railway]
try: GO
turning over: reversal indicator
[search] engine: GO+(OG+LE)<
AuLeaf 2
725 Techies send agent to replace flock's silver (6) flock's silver: G(ag)GLE
agent to replace... silver: ag->OO
Techies: G(ag->OO)GLE
prawo 1