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"Red is sus!" - evil minor (9)


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6395 "Red is sus!" - evil minor (9) VERMILION* Penzo 4
6400 Tedium..."Red was ejected" explosion happened! (4) BOREDOM - RED
ans BOOM
Firetruck 4
6398 Jacqueline Osherow's writings: "When the impostor is sus!" (10:5) (WHITETHORN: POEMS)*, title of a poetry collection by Jacqueline Osherow edderiofer 2
6399 Starts to suspect Cyan is not the Impostor, lynches Lime after a bit (9) SCINTILLA (inits) = a bit Sp3000 1
6396 Perhaps Macy's returning in a bit to catch glimpse of impostor near vent (6, 6) Perhaps Macy's = RETAL< (returning "in a bit") catching I_ ("glimpse of impostor") + OUTLET ("vent") = RETA(I_)L OUTLET Sp3000 0
6397 Con artist "imposter" is sus: caught retreating, killing for example (13) con artist = IMPRESSIONIST (as in someone who does impressions)
IMPRESSIOT* ("imposter is sus") catches NIS< (retreating, killing for example)
EpicToast 0