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Wine secrets in "abstinent" houses (7)


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6876 Wine secrets in "abstinent" houses (7) _RETS IN A_ AuLeaf 4
6879 This might make your retinas spin! (7) *RETSINA &lit
Alcohol is known for making your vision blurry
Space_Kalak 2
6883 Wine strainer loses bottom, breaking it (7) STRAINE(-r)* WoomyRogue 2
6877 Non-"dry" hidden vice? One is Greek alcohol (7) (-sec)RET + SIN + A AuLeaf 1
6878 Abstainer, losing initial core muscle, gets drunk on resinated wine (7) (-ab)RETSINA* AuLeaf 1
6880 Nastier volatile Greek wine (7) RETSINA: Greek wine. (NASTIER) Wriggler831 0
6881 Ingredients of secret Sinatra ouzo alternative (7) RETSINA: ouzo alternative. secRET SINAtra Wriggler831 0
6882 Greek grog made from bottom half of minaret's oddly lacking zinnias (7) RETSINA: Greek grog. bottom half of minaret's = RETS, + oddly lacking zInNiAs = INA Wriggler831 0