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WC Fields ultimately has good word? (5)


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834 WC Fields ultimately has good word? (5) LO(G)O+_S AuLeaf 5
832 Lover boy keeps word (4) _VER B_ prawo 4
836 Quick word (7) EXPRESS ddef prawo 4
839 Word in letter read aloud (3) CUE ("q") [as in "once I give the word..."] AuLeaf 3
840 Word that hurts after initial consideration (5) C+OUCH (v) AuLeaf 3
842 Word formed from Greek letters, say (4) NEWS ("nus") AuLeaf 3
851 Word of note in plaintext (7) note in plaintext=PRO(MI)SE prawo 3
824 Word is, before leaving a meadow, I was caught in a swarm of bees (5) B(I)B+LE(-a) Akumu 2
829 Word Escher scrawled (6) "Word" in the informal sense of "well said" = CHEERS* prawo 2
833 Word processing grade: E (6) "Word" = AGREED* Sp3000 2
837 Word that's part of a clue? (6) ddef: "word" = STRING, as in a sequence of letters
"part of a clue" = STRING, as in part of a clue (a ball of yarn)
edderiofer 2
838 [No enumeration!] (0) (This isn't a clue, it's just telling you that the person writing this contest forgot to include the enumeration.) edderiofer 2
841 One person's word (4) One: A
persons: MEN [ignore apostrophe]
word: AMEN (used to express agreement)
AuLeaf 2
835 Magic word from the French to office department word (6) P(le->HR)ASE AuLeaf 1
852 Mastermind uses obscure word (4) "uses obscure" is a container indicator: _TERM_ prawo 1
843 Whir word (4) BUZZ ddef (sound; rumor) AuLeaf 0