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872 I, setter, make a joke (4) ME+ME edderiofer 2
875 Over nine thousand-meter dash, remain in second place (4) "Over nine thousand" = Meter + EM dash +rEmain prawo 2
877 Yo-yo taken from Mexico to US or Canada? Say, ¿porque no los dos? (4) YO YO translated from Spanish to English: ME ME
AuLeaf 2
905 Memento's first half is shared around, perhaps? (4) MEME_ edderiofer 2
891 Volunteer's enthusiastic cry makes Chuck Tingle (4) Volunteer's cry: ME! ME!
"Chuck Tingle": memetic author of erotica
888, say!? (4) Character is Oshino Meme from the Monogatari series. Meme is Death Note ( Sp3000 0