ACE (3)

Started by dohz

Decapitated face card (3)


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7495 Decapitated face card (3) (-f)ACE WoomyRogue 3
7489 Without physical attraction, how hard it is to hit someone's butt? (3) AC (armor class in DnD - how hard it is to hit) + someonE Firetruck 2
7500 Heard high grades, passing with flying colours (3) Homophone for A'S Madmahogany 2
7485 A1 (3) A, 1, and A1 all mean ACE for various definitions; A for the card, 1 for golfing terms, A1 for someone who's good at something
I wasn't going to post this one seriously first but YOLO
Space_Kalak 1
7492 A minor swell (3) ddef. The A minor chord is ACE, "that juice bar sure is ace. Flameo, hotman!" theduckmedic 1