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Started by Cheshire

Puzzler seen in Amsterdam (3)


Submitted by dohz

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8006 Puzzler seen in Amsterdam (3) _MST_ dohz 1
8007 Puzzler, turning 12: “Agh!” (3) “Agh” rot12

not an &lit etc. etc.
dohz 1
8018 Prim structure on M Street (3) Prim structure (structure generated by Prim's algorithm) = M+ST phenomist 1
8011 It looks like peaks and a winding road cross at a zone in Denver (3) Rebus clue: M=peaks, S =winding road, T=cross
MST-mountain standard time
Firetruck 0
8012 Missed part of 2021’s Mystery Hunt due to schedule not aligning with MIT ): (3) M(-y)ST (the name of the 2021 MH conference, with a part missing) = schedule (how does one say time zone without saying time lol) that isn’t the same as MIT’s quatrevingtneuf 0