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Blunder makes it complicated (7)


Submitted by AuLeaf

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
1209 Blunder makes it complicated (7) MISTAKE* AuLeaf 3
1202 Note: Brace for oversight (7) MI+STAKE = oversight RainedMirror 2
1203 Pick up wrong thing by accident (7) double definition: "mis-take" Space_Kalak 1
1210 Miscalculate setter's returns on bet (7) M'I<+STAKE AuLeaf 1
1201 Mess-up Michigan martyr initially acquired killer eels (7) (MI)chigan, martyr = ST, (A)cquired (K)iller (E)els AtheistSensayer 0
1230 Letter for radio station included erratum (7) Letter for radio = MIKE
station included = STA in the preceding
erratum = MI(STA)KE
prawo 0
1231 Miles E, with returning Miss Faraday, nearly tries case taken in error (7) Miles E: MI+E
Miss Faraday nearly: KA(-y)
tries case: T_S
with returning KATS taken in: MI(STAK<)E
error: def
AuLeaf 0
1232 Confuse short unwed woman with controversial opinion (7) Short unwed woman = MIS(s)
Controversial opinion = TAKE
AtheistSensayer 0