CITY (4)

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Oddly chintzy metropolis (4)


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1214 Oddly chintzy metropolis (4) (C)h(I)n(T)z(Y) AtheistSensayer 7
1239 Place author Cobb after Charlie (4) author=I, Cobb=TY, after Charlie (radio)=starting with C prawo 3
1236 Urban cop is ticketing youngster, initially (4) urban = def. of city (adj)
initial letters = Cop Is Ticketing Youngster
sarathegood 2
1206 Like Madison's club ticket, halved and returned (4) [(-tek)CIT+Y]< AuLeaf 1
1219 Urban center outside of key eastern quarter of municipality (4) C(-enter)+(-mun)(-ici)(-pal)ITY AuLeaf 1