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Quietly distributes onions (8)


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1267 Quietly distributes onions (8) SH+ALLOTS Space_Kalak 3
1254 Everyone aboard tries garlic relatives (8) Everyone = ALL
Tries = SHOTS
Garlic relatives = S(HALL)OTS
AtheistSensayer 2
1260 Drunkards in possession of rogue computer, primarily light bulbs (8) bulbs = S(HAL+L_)OTS SoftFro 1
1251 Onions belonging to Tennyson's Lady, reportedly (8) onions: def
belonging to Tennyson's Lady: Shalott's (homophone)
sarathegood 0
1272 Clams, after converting power to temperature and cold to hot, can be used for flavour? (8) S(C->H)ALLO(P->T)S = "can be used for flavour" edderiofer 0
1278 Regularly hollows but unevenly seasons onions? (8) HLOS with SALT interlaced to the odd positions Darantius 0
1279 Onions seasoned primarily for rings with intermittent dashes of lavender and turmeric (8) S_+HA(L_)LO(T_)S prawo 0