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Key is secure (6)

key: def'n
secure: land (verb)

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1355 Key is secure (6) key: def'n
secure: land (verb)
sarathegood 2
1356 According to Donne, no man can be made from over 500 nails exploding (6) [(ISLAN)* + D]<

Def is "According to Donne, no man", referencing John Donne's "No man is an island"
skaldskaparmal 2
1361 “Isolated soul, loving absolutely none dearly”: originally how Donne described no man. (6) Initials
How Donne described no man: island
AtheistSensayer 1
1358 Setter will additionally call for kitchen centerpiece (6) "I'll and" (def refers to "kitchen island" as in an isolated section of countertop that doesn't touch the wall) AuLeaf 0
1362 Perhaps Manhattan Project didn't end in immense devastation, initially (6) SLAN(-t) in I_ D_ AuLeaf 0