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Union partner by tradition (6)


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1409 Union partner by tradition (6) OR+ALLY prawo 3
1410 Confederate by, essentially, word of mouth (6) _OR_+ALLY AuLeaf 2
1402 Oh, really? Hasn't he spoken out loud? (6) "spoken out loud" = OHREALLY - letters of HE frictionlessemu 1
1407 Sun god, carried by skate board trick, spoke this way? (6) O(RA)LLY l_powell 1
1408 Ballad that was inspiration for "Love Me Tender" heard in performance using spoken word (6) using spoken word: def
Ballad on which "Love Me Tender" was based: AURA LEE; "heard in performance" clues homophone
sarathegood 1
1403 Meme phrase with owl carrying Gore by mouth (6) "by mouth" = definition
"meme phrase with owl" = O RLY
containing "Gore" = AL
frictionlessemu 0
1404 Spoken aloud, a way to deliver medicine. (6) Ddef l_powell 0
1406 Speaking a whole bunch of nothing? (6) ddef punny. A whole bunch of nothing could be an "O rally" skaldskaparmal 0