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Complex angle, uh, in silver (8)

Complex angle = ARG(UM)ENT

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1418 Complex angle, uh, in silver (8) Complex angle = ARG(UM)ENT SoftFro 4
1420 Fight's munitions, with sawed-off gun for mother (8) AR(ma->GU(-n))MENT AuLeaf 4
1419 "Usin' chaw to plug ain't proper!" it's claimed (8) chaw (chew) = GUM
ain't proper = AREN'T
it's claimed = AR(GUM)ENT
prawo 3
1422 Angle! (8) &lit double def
Angle = argument (reasoning)
Angle = argument (complex numbers)
abean077 3
1434 Row of sugar gum enthusiasts (8) Sug(AR GUM ENT)husiasts AtheistSensayer 3
1424 Part of a course in Python! (8) ddef &lit.
In a Monty Python sketch, you can buy a course of ten arguments, and you would learn about arguments if learning to program using Python.
skaldskaparmal 2
1429 Love letter sent to Romeo Montague in chaos and conflict (8) anag. of M[o->R]NTAGUE AuLeaf 2
1441 In game with physical elements, solver supposed to overhear fight (8) "ARG you meant" prawo 1