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Characters in vassal country returned to the highest level (5,1)


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1549 Characters in vassal country returned to the highest level (5,1) _CLASSA_< AuLeaf 3
1552 Titular rockabilly woman reportedly petitions against bass/treble level (5,1) Petitions against: sues
Bass/treble level: EQ

Sues EQ sounds like Susie Q
l_powell 3
1539 Early Auto Tune (using just eight notes), with time, disguised original level (5, 1) MODE(L_)T = Early auto
Tune using just eight notes = MODE
with time = +T
disguised original level = containing L_
ManyPinkHats 2
1538 ADG are doctors at top level (5, 1) "ADG are" anagrams to GRADE A, as indicated by "doctors"
"Top level" is definition
abean077 1
1540 Jackass, ultimately, to about an unlimited level! (5-1) _S+T(_EVE_)O &lit
Steve-O is arguably most famous for his stunts on Jackass
This is not a description Level 51, who (to my knowledge) is a nice and responsible person. :P
ManyPinkHats 1
1541 Superstar confidential informant possessing initially accurate research describing subterranean level (5,1) Cardi B

Confidential informant: CI
Initially accurate research describing +ARD
Subterranean Level: B (on an elevator)
l_powell 1
1542 Cartoon crime fighter's awesome first generation theme initially played at a low level (5, 1) Awesome first = A_
Generation = GEN
Theme initially = T_
Played at a low level = P

Cartoon crime fighter =
skaldskaparmal 0
1543 In the Bronx, Ayn finds product on bottom level (5, 1) Product on bottom level = B(RAND) X Akumu 0