ZEAL (4)

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Oddly, Zoe's all appetite (4)


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1558 Oddly, Zoe's all appetite (4) ZoEsAlL sarathegood 3
1546 Laze about, a layabout's lack? (4) ZEAL* AuLeaf 2
1545 Analyze all obscured enthusiasm (4) Hidden AtheistSensayer 1
1544 Great interest from banks of the American ruling class (4) Substring of AZEALIA, from Azealia Banks who appeared in the film The American Ruling Class Akumu 0
1554 Colored skin changes saint into cousin-marrying state with passion (4) "colored skin" = ZEST, which is the colorful part of a citrus peel
"Saint" (ST) changes into "cousin-marrying state" (AL)
Definition: passion
abean077 0
1556 Passion is taking off day playing Zelda (4) ZEAL = (ZELDA)* - d skaldskaparmal 0