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Raspy-sounding equine (5)


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1562 Raspy-sounding equine (5) "hoarse" Akumu 3
1579 Silver, for example, hydrogen, or selenium (5) Silver, for example: def, Lone Ranger’s horse
H + OR + SE
sarathegood 3
1563 Equine shoer, in a way (5) HORSE* AuLeaf 2
1564 Cowboy’s companion from calamitous shore (5) Anagram AtheistSensayer 2
1580 He covers surgical suites for colt or filly (5) H(ORS)E AtheistSensayer 2
1571 Junk gardening tool without rust, oddly (5) "Junk"=definition (as in heroin)
"gardening tool"=HOE
"without"=container indicator
"rust, oddly"=R_S_ (Thanks, Akumu!)
madjaqk 1
1582 After vacation, Sir Cumberbatch finally returns with limitless joy and energy to Imitation Game (5) After vacation, Sir = S_R
Cumberbatch finally = _H
returns = HRS
with limitless joy = H(_O_)RS
and energy = HORS+E
to = def. indicator

Horse is a game where players challenge each other to imitate trick basketball shots.

Surface ref. imitation game movie about Turing.
skaldskaparmal 1
1583 Hoser, eccentric dope (5) HORSE* AuLeaf 1