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Cut top-grade meat, put ground up (8)


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1774 Cut top-grade meat, put ground up (8) A+(MPUTATE)* anagram 3
1764 Current university teaching assistant written up and cut off (8) AMP + U + TA + TE< AtheistSensayer 2
1771 Perform certain surgery on wild puma at London art institution (8) AMPU* + TATE = perform certain surgery on sarathegood 2
1769 Center clans cut off ends & impute hated procedure on surgical table (8) A + MPUT + ATE
procedure on surgical table - def
abean077 0
1778 Summer club, chopping off head, transformed, peeling off skin, to cut off people’s arms and legs (8) cAMP mUTATEd. Coming to theaters this summer. Linus 0
1781 Team up against heartless lunatic, and possibly disarm? (8) anag. of TEAM UP A_T AuLeaf 0