PREY (4)

Started by Sp3000

Subject eaten by Python! (4)


Submitted by abean077

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1862 Subject eaten by Python! (4) P(RE)Y
abean077 4
1864 Snoop around eastern quarry (4) PR(E)Y prawo 4
1863 Orally beseech quarry (4) Prey/pray AtheistSensayer 2
1865 Pyre prepared for one killed by predation (4) PREY* AuLeaf 2
1876 A game starts in Puerto Rico every year (4) Initial letters of "Puerto Rico every year" -> PREY ("a game") mstang107 1
1860 Raptor without left eye to hunt weaker game (4) "Raptor"=OSPREY
"left eye"=OS (from "oculus sinister", used in eyeglass prescriptions--thanks, Wikipedia!)
"hunt weaker game"=def (using PREY as a verb)
madjaqk 0
1861 Victim of hunters is a passive character, someone played by Daisy in "Star Wars" (4) P_+REY (Daisy Ridley's character in the "Star Wars" sequels) madjaqk 0