Started by Koala

Pepper pot in Chile (8)

"pepper" = CHI(POT)LE

Submitted by Akumu

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
201 Pepper pot in Chile (8) "pepper" = CHI(POT)LE Akumu 4
203 I plot upheaval in revolutionary restaurant (8) "restaurant" = CH(IPOTL*)E phenomist 3
221 Offspring mostly consuming weed near bottom of the food chain (8) Down clue. POT in CHIL[d] + [th]E = food chain. Sp3000 2
205 Something spicy: Greek x Pole, with a little Turkish inside (8) Something spicy=def
Greek x=CHI
A little Turkish=T(urkish)
Inside=insertion indicator
madjaqk 1
214 Chip in overtime for Frenchman's article about restaurant CHIP+OT+LE
Restaurant is def
quadraxus61 0