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ddef. HASH-ISH

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2062 #like_pot (7) ddef. HASH-ISH edderiofer 2
2063 Marijuana is kind of like some potatoes? (7) Double def, “some potatoes” are hash browns, sometimes just referred to as “potato hash”. Question mark to indicate the irregular definition. madjaqk 1
2065 Drug, alternated, as is with hospitals? (7) H(AS)H(IS)H edderiofer 1
2066 Grass found in lunch Ash is having (7) Grass = hidden _H ASH IS H_ Sp3000 1
2068 Bridges puzzle shortened solvepath: beginner->hard->extract, maybe? (7) HASHI(wokakero) + S_ + H = extract, maybe? ManyPinkHats 1
2072 Dope holds his hero’s head (7) HAS+HIS+H l_powell 1
2073 Diesel? Lol, kebab (7) HA+SHISH edderiofer 1
2061 Puzzlemaker, to his friends, going after his first candy bar? (7) H_ + ASHISH (Kumar) = candy bar (slang for hashish, according to Wikipedia) edderiofer 0
2064 Mary Jane's husband is hot (7) Mary Jane: slang for marijuana

's: HAS
husband: H
is: IS
hot: H
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