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NYPD chief disperses riot with oddly green gas (8)

N_+(ITRO)*+G_E_N = "gas"

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2472 NYPD chief disperses riot with oddly green gas (8) N_+(ITRO)*+G_E_N = "gas" Penzo 5
2468 Bug Seth for atmospheric gas (8) NIT+ROGEN dylanamite 3
2470 On a table, seven or nine mixed with gin and tonic (8) On a table, seven = def (periodic table)
Or nine mixed = anag.
with gin and tonic = with G&T
dylanamite 3
2486 Element neon, say, or tin, losing electron on the return (8) [NIT+RO+GE+(-e)N]< (def: element) AuLeaf 3
2462 Diffusion of neon right after leakage of hydrogen gas (8) (NEON + RIGHT - H)* Happyjon 2
2465 Gas is back, minus the scrap contained (8) (NEG+ORT+IN)< Timwi 2
2480 Gas heard from old soldier’s condom (8) homophone of KNIGHT TROJAN EpicToast 2
2488 Element needed to make #1 intern go crazy (8) NITROGEN* AuLeaf 2
2461 Gas made from mixing neon grit (8) NEONGRIT* mstang107 1
2471 On Discord is premium headless rage and no air, mostly (8) On Discord is premium: NITRO
headless rage: (-ra)GE
no: N
air, mostly: def
wolf 1
2497 Neighbor of POC set off ringtone (8) "Neighbor of POC": nitrogen is between Carbon and Oxygen and above Phosphorus
"set off ringtone": anagrind
prawo 1
2490 Natural element of final shot of negroni cocktail (8) [_T+NEGRONI*]=Natural element wolf 0