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Test disrupted by effect of lightning storm (7)


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2508 Test disrupted by effect of lightning storm (7) T(E.M.P.)EST AuLeaf 6
2555 Big blow for English politician in trial (7) "Big blow" = T(E+MP)EST Happyjon 5
2513 Quietly, I turn in exam with the Shakespearean comedy (7) (EM+P)< in TEST
defn="with 'The', Shakespearean comedy"
ManyPinkHats 4
2546 Coffee maker estimated teapot's contents disproportionately? (7) TEMP (coffee maker) + EST. / teapot's contents disproportionately ("a tempest in a teapot") zonotope 4
2559 Storm heads to Eastern Miami - quite a bother! (7) heads to Eastern Miami: TEM (initials)
quite a bother: PEST
wolf 4
2510 Shortest storm? (7) ddef? sure why not wolf 3
2547 Storm an Arizona college town street (7) TEMPE (Arizona college town) + ST Idontknow 3
2518 Extreme temper leads to furor? (7) Temp, more temper, most tempest. That’s how English works Linus 2
2548 Storm, changing direction, came across annoyance (7) TEM< + PEST edderiofer 1
2551 Muppet set evens out after ten heads make a storm (7) TEn + MuPpEt SeT EpicToast 1