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Vehicle prone to crashing (5)

Double def

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
32 Vehicle prone to crashing (5) Double def madjaqk 4
36 Malfunctioning rover (5) ddef phenomist 3
41 Defective, by containing tryptophan "defective" = B(UGG = "tryptophan")Y phenomist 2
30 Defective insect Indian clarified butter, say? (5) Sounds like Bug+ghee
Defective is definition
quadraxus61 1
35 Problematic insect that is half edgy. (5) Problematic: Def
Insect: BUG
Half edgy: +GY
RainedMirror 1
29 Good game in purchase of vehicle (5) Good Game (abbr) inside BUY = BUGGY chaotic_iak 0
31 Unreliable score without post-match commentary (5) Score=BUY
Without=container indicator
Post-match commentary=GG
madjaqk 0
42 Creation around a sheepskin boot brand Around: indicates container
Creation: BY
Sheepskin boot brand: UGG
raficoso 0