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Kill; behead; chop up (3)

[-d]ICE [= "kill"]

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277 Kill; behead; chop up (3) [-d]ICE [= "kill"] level 4
282 Rocks in volcanic eruption (3) def. "rocks"; hidden in "volcanIC Eruption" ManyPinkHats 3
280 Even the pitcher is chill (3) pItChEr (even-position letters); "chill" is definition, as in making cold with ice chaotic_iak 1
281 When the calendar changed over, it defined an age (3) "When the calendar changed over" = 1 CE; "it defined an age" = def. Projectyl 1
273 Hearing eyes glaze over. (3) Hearing: Homophone of EYES
Glaze over: Def.
RainedMirror 0
276 Officer hides stolen diamonds (3) Hidden word: offICEr madjaqk 0