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Simple life-forms care a bit, strangely (8)


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2978 Simple life-forms care a bit, strangely (8) *CAREABIT quatrevingtneuf 2
2989 Atmosphere and such are initially brimming over with microbes (8) Atmosphere=AIR (as in, "tone")
and such=ETC.
are=A (abbreviation for the unit)
initially brimming=B_
over: reversal indicator
microbes: (B+A+CTE+RIA)<
AuLeaf 2
2997 Camel region has original elephant bug (8) BACT(E_)RIA phenomist 2
3012 Back off, back out, end outrage, back to anarchist cells (8) BAC(-K) + _T + ERI< + A = cells DuckDuckPwn 2
2983 Sloth returned taxi back to cells (8) (AI + RET + CAB)< Timwi 0
3054 Russia, partially without leaders, captures portion of cells (8) (-si)B[ACT]ERIA (siberia is russia, partially) EpicToast 0