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Shady friend returns with debts (7)


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3798 Shady friend returns with debts (7) DUB<+IOUS skaldskaparmal 2
3802 Suspicious sounds of shit... bullshit... (7) homophone of DOO BS EpicToast 2
3807 Suspicious duos dance about welfare program (7) D(UBI)OUS* = suspicious
(Misleading clue as “welfare program” looks very much like the definition and “suspicious” like an anagrind)
Timwi 1
3827 This clue, perhaps, calls invoices (7) DUB+IOUS edderiofer 1
3803 Upper classes in subpar grade school primarily captured life story in sketch? (7) Upper classes: U+U
subpar grade: D
school primarily: S_
U+U in D+S_: D(U+U)S
captured life story: D(U(BIO)U)S
in: link
sketch?: slang meaning of "sketch" (ie, sketchy) as def for dubious
AuLeaf 0
3828 Suss out: I do u-sub (7) (DUBIOUS)* edderiofer 0