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Raising questions like family, gently (at first) (6)


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350 Raising questions like family, gently (at first) (6) AS+KIN+G_ madjaqk 7
343 Requesting for jacket with silver coating (6) "Requesting" = A(SKIN)G phenomist 5
349 Dissolved inks in silver, ostensibly for a friend A(SKIN*)G completes the phrase "asking for a friend." prawo 5
347 Demanding spades in blackjack (6) Demanding = S ("spades") in A+KING (ace-king natural/"blackjack") Sp3000 4
344 Old lace and queen partners naming a price naming a price = AS (arsenic, old lace partner) + KING (queen partner) Akumu 3
346 A skin graft's initiated - it never hurts, supposedly (6) A SKIN + G(raft); "it never hurts, supposedly" = def Projectyl 3
348 A one-eyed, hill-descending shopkeeper putting up price tags. “shopkeeper putting up price tags” = A+SKI(-i)NG wolf 1
351 Questioning what has kin gone and hidden (6) Questioning: Def.
h(AS KIN G)one
RainedMirror 1