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Refuse to repeat this phrase

Double def: refuse to/repeat this phrase

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354 Refuse to repeat this phrase Double def: refuse to/repeat this phrase prawo 5
359 Umpire: "Shower, or stay back!" (7) REF+RAIN edderiofer 4
363 Periodic cries for nation to chant (7) (c)R(i)E(s)F(o)R(n)A(t)I(o)N AuLeaf 4
360 Avoid downpour under roof's eaves around start of evening (7) Avoid: Def
RAIN under [R(oo)F around E(vening)]: R{E}F,RAIN
AuLeaf 3
361 Dog's cry about getting wrapped in lead... it's extremely repetitive (7) Dog's cry about: ARF backwards
getting wrapped in: container indicator
lead: REIN
it's extremely repetitive: RE{FRA<}IN
AuLeaf 3
373 Solar power consumed by process to cut short or avoid (7) REF(RA)IN[-e] [= "avoid"]
(REFINE = 'process' (v.); RA = 'solar power' (Egyptian god).)
level 3
356 Avoid rumpus at first in fear, confusion (7) avoid = R_+(EFRAIN)* boboquack 2
352 A repeated line referring to precipitation (7) A repeated line: Def.
Referring to precipitation: REF+RAIN
RainedMirror 1
353 Strange, almost infrared repetition. Repetition = <INFRARE(d)> Akumu 1
358 Avoid reflower in grain without dropping! Avoid = REF(-lower in g)RAIN wolf 1
362 Avoid condition of truth negation (7) "avoid" = RE[t->F]RAIN phenomist 1
364 Strangely empty Ren Faire's chant (7) [*R(e)N,FAIRE]->[REFRAIN]*; ref Rennaissance Faire AuLeaf 1
355 "Little Busters!" sequel about friendship initially, before Rin accepts accident at the beginning (7) Sequel subtitle to the anime "Little Busters!" = RE ("about") + F_ + R(A_)IN. Sp3000 0
357 Stop a dog sound in Square Enix hack and slash the wrong way (7) Stop = NI(ARF)ER -> RE(FRA)IN DuckDuckPwn 0