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A timeless story: trouble for expert (10)

A + FIC(-t)ION + ADO

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Clue ID Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
43 A timeless story: trouble for expert (10) A + FIC(-t)ION + ADO Deusovi 5
51 A fan makes a short story, one on a low note. (10) Fan: Def
A short story: A FIC
One: I
On a low note: ON A DO
RainedMirror 3
45 Fan's peakless whirlwind ends fifty-to-one union AFICIO (AFLCIO with L (fifty) to I (one)) ended by (tor)NADO Akumu 2
48 Lover of a novel that's heartless with turmoil (10) "lover" = A+FIC(-t)ION+ADO phenomist 2
52 Princess in trouble enthralling extremely idiotic lover (10) Lover (as in "crossword lover") = FIONA ("Princess" from Shrek) in ADO ("trouble") around ("enthralling", makes more sense as archaic "enslaving") I[dioti]C Sp3000 2
46 I find a cocoa bean, take out a seed, and mix it. (10) IFINDACOCOA-C anagrammed and an chocolate aficionado might be the kind of person who would do such a thing quadraxus61 0
67 A timeless fantasy fight fan (10) (Hat tip to Rained and Deusovi for the inspiration)

A timeless fantasy = A FICTION - T
Fight = ADO