Started by Space_Kalak

Banned and burnt a book's contents (5)

def: "banned"; _T A BOO_

Submitted by Zimonze

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4592 Banned and burnt a book's contents (5) def: "banned"; _T A BOO_ Zimonze 3
4588 Forbidden temple's entrance… a frightening noise (5) def: "forbidden"; T_+A+BOO mbingo 2
4593 A boot right to the head is against the rules (5) "a boot" but move the rightmost to the front flatluigi 2
4597 It's a big no-no to hide a box. No-no! (5) Def: It's a big no-no.
Wp: TO around A BOX without X
InvalidD 2
4600 Forbidden way to swallow Obama's dog (5) TA(BO)O AuLeaf 1
4590 Forbidden product from Coke Zero? Love! (5) Forbidden: def for TAB+O+O
product from Coke = TAB
wolf 0
4591 Too bad dad left, it was bad! Really bad! (5) TABOO(-d)* wolf 0
4596 Unlawful good middle after  (5) def: unlawful. TAB (the blank space) + gOOd ft029 0
4601 Game lacking note from clickbait company (5) TABOO(-la) edderiofer 0