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Lao wrote peculiar hit song for ABBA (8)


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4828 Lao wrote peculiar hit song for ABBA (8) WATERLOO* AuLeaf 2
4829 Station in Belgium? (8) Waterloo is a place in Belgium, where a battle took place, which a bridge in London was named after to commemorate, which gave its name to an area of London, and there's a train station there called Waterloo Station, which is the busiest station in the UK (nearly 100M entries and exits per year!) Space_Kalak 1
4831 Battlefield's toilet has liquid coming out the front (8) WATER+LOO edderiofer 1
4835 Huh? Um, look endlessly at former war zone (8) WAT+ER+LOO(-K)="Former war zone" mstang107 1
4839 Final defeat after court: mixing up lady and woman (8) LATER WOO, swap W and L Firetruck 1
4830 Coward at heart, thief switched sides in defeat (8) Middle letters of coWArd + LOOTER switched to TERLOO, defined by "defeat" skaldskaparmal 0