Contests started: BONK (4), EGGCORN (7)

Contests won: PENNSYLVANIA (12), MUSEUM (6)

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Clue ID Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
4889 PENNSYLVANIA (12) Stall hosts new country singer outside an Amtrak station (12) PE(N)N+SYLV(AN)IA = "Amtrak station" padi 5
5464 MUSEUM (6) Headless emus join bizarre emu gallery (6) eMUS EMU* = gallery padi 4
5020 BABEL (5) Bagel whose center is bit begets confusion (5) BA(G->B)EL = confusion padi 3
5640 LOGGING (7) Processor process processing process? (7) ddef: process done by a computer processor; or the process of processing trees padi 2
5642 LOGGING (7) Slow bozo finally realizes, activating "start recording" (7) L(_O in place of A_)GGING = recording padi 2
5014 EXISTENTIAL (11) Experimental anti-Steelix concoction (11) experimental = (ANTISTEELIX)* padi 1
6701 ANY CLUE WHOSE ANSWER IS A BOARD/CARD GAME (?) Detailed routine about a cooperative game (6) "Detailed" = remove the last letter (tail)
"routine" = HABIT
"about" = around
"a" = AN
def "cooperative game" = HANABI

padi 1
5635 SUDOKU (6) Most popular logic puzzles in Japan champion command of superior execution and reviewing state (6) def = "champion" of the "most popular logic puzzles in Japan", that is the single most popular logic puzzle in Japan [source:]

wordplay = SUDO ("command of superior execution") + UK< ("state" but "reviewed" in reverse)
padi 0
6007 QUINQUAGENARIAN (15) Quine ran backwards has awkward situation, and I, withholding my initial ire, released an exemplar of older age (15) QUINE
RAN backwards
"has awkward situation" = contains QUAGMIRE
and I
"withholding my initial" = remove M_
"ire released" = remove IRE
"exemplar of older age" is the definition, since a quinquagenarian embodies older age.

padi 0
6011 NEXT-LEVEL (4-5) Following a measurement device is superior (4-5) "following" = NEXT
"a measurement device" = LEVEL
def is "superior"
padi 0

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