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7671 POP (3) Source of photo op's shoot (3) Source of photo = P + OP; "shoot" as in "pop a cap" ycz 3
7770 BIG SHOT (3, 4) Character from Sonic Adventure with huge rod is sexy fat cat? (3, 4) Wordplay: BIG'S HOT - BIG the Cat from Sonic Adventure, who carries a fishing pole, is HOT.

Definition: "Fat cat" and "big shot" both refer to rich, powerful individuals. Also describes Big literally. Also, I mean, look at him 🥵🥵🥵
ycz 2
7772 ASTRINGENT (10) An axe's fifth tree being acacia, for example (10) The fifth string on a guitar (an axe) is the A STRING; tree being is ENT; acacia is an astringent, according to Wikipedia ycz 1

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