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9665 IDIOCY (6) Toss 10 dice endlessly. Why? Utter madness. (6) I O D I C, from 10 dice, no e ("endlessly")
Scramble letters ("toss")
Y, from why ("utter", spoken)
IDIOCY ("madness" as synonym)
Eiolin 1
9672 EQUIVALENCE (11) Correspondence course final is on valley stuffed fruit (11) EQUIVALENCE ("correspondence" as synonym)
E- (course's "final" letter)
QUI-VALE-NCE (vale/"valley" placed/"stuffed" within quince/"fruit")
Eiolin 1
9658 ANY CLUE THAT STARTS WITH "ANY CLUE THAT" (?) Any clue that, confused, lost direction... Madness!! (6) LUNACY
The letters of ANY CLUE rearranged ("confused") without the E ("lost direction"; in this case, E for East). Madness is the synonym.
Eiolin 0
9659 GRANULAR (8) Oddly, aura really explodes with gun powder (8) GRANULAR
A_R_ R_A_L_ from every odd-positioned letter of AURA REALLY ("oddly")
Add G,U,N and mix up to spell answer ("explodes with")
"powder" is the synonym
Eiolin 0

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