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|>1=O (6)

KET+ONE, def is "=O"

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5500 |>1=O (6) KET+ONE, def is "=O" agnijo 2
5485 One letter (1) ddef, schrodinger for A or I (your pick) flatluigi 1
5488 "My Jared, We are through. I found a new man. Sincerely, Me." Distressed not, Jared let her (4 4 6) NOTJAREDLETHER* = dear John letter Firetruck 1
5490 P∧∨1␣(7) P+AND+OR+A = box opener symbol phenomist 1
5483 >:( X (5) CROSS: ddef. X is a cross and >:( looks cross. bags 0
5484 Scholar following Mr. Ed's odd letter (7) MrEdS+SAGE = letter. Has exactly one "letter". chaotic_iak 0
5487 Exactly one letter has properties of STRAIGHT, SYMMETRIC, TOP-HEAVY, and FLAT-TOPPED! (1) T &lit: the only letter that has all four of these characteristics, and the only letter that appears in (is a property of) all four terms Tiralmo 0
5489 Not exactly one letter (1) ddef for C, clue contains "exactly one letter" skaldskaparmal 0
5491 L llllllllllll l lllllllll l llllllllllllllllllll l lllll l llllllllllllllllll l? (5) Liter = L.engths of words containing 12,9,20,5,and 18 letters respectively. Questionable due to unclued a1z26 conversion. Tiralmo 0
5492 Not "exactly one letter", not one... exactly... letter one... letter... not one... (6) C (not exactly) + I (one) + PH(-i) (letter, not one) + E_ (exactly letter one) + R (letter) = CIPHER (not one, as in zero)
please help me come up with a better way to clue the R
EpicToast 0
5494 Nazis infiltrated left and right, described by, primarily, exactly one letter (6) L(E_(S.S.)O_)R AuLeaf 0