Contests started: OREO (4), ARAPAIMA (8), BUTTERSCOTCH (12), YO MAMA (2, 4), CRAFT (5), MOZART (6), BELLY-SIDE UP (5-4, 2), AHEAD OF THE CURVE (5, 2, 3, 5), AFRO (4), COLORADO (8), TOMATO (6), BAOBAB (6), JE T'AIME (2, 1'4), TWELVE (6), MIXMASTER (9), DEFLATE (7), GO (2), ANY CLUE WHICH INCORPORATES A CAESAR CIPHER (?), KABOOM (6), DENTAL FLOSS (6, 5), SEDITION (8), CHARMANDER (10), GAME CHANGER (4, 7), MAKE DO (4, 2), TOGETHER (8), BETTER (6), TITS UP (4, 2), HOT DOG (3, 3), UP TOP (2, 3), TARTARE (7), SECOND DOSE (6, 4), PED XING (3, 4), PER SE (3, 2), CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (10, 7), WUSS (4), USER STATS (4, 5), POWER RULE (5, 4), TO BOOT (2, 4), NO WAY (2, 3), HAND-WAVY (4-4), MYANMAR (7), TILL THE COWS COME HOME (4, 3, 4, 4, 4), K-I-S-S-I-N-G (1-1-1-1-1-1-1), ALL GROWNSED-UP (3, 8-2), DOOZY (5), MISSOURI (8), NINE (4), AND-LIT (3-3), BZZT (4), FUN FACT (3, 4), SHANGRI-LA (7-2), DOT-TO-DOT (3-2-3), KAHAU (5), GO BLIND (2, 5), OWYHEE (6), PWN (3), OASIS (5), TRANQ (5), BIRTHDAY PRESENT (8, 7), LAND HO (4, 2), MANO A MANO/MANO-A-MANO (4, 1, 4) OR (4-1-4), ORANGE (6), THETA (5), IDEAL (5), TYSM (4) OR (1, 1, 1, 1), HYBRID CLASS (6, 5), WHOA (4), HOTEL (5), PHOTON (6), POETRY (6), DOHA (4), WALUIGI (7), DORK (4), STAN (4), ANY CLUE WHOSE ANSWER IS HIDDEN IN THE CLUE, BUT IS NOT A HIDDEN (?), HEAT (4), WARIO (5), BLOCKHEAD (9), A-OK (1-2), GARBOLOGY (9), BIG TIME (3, 4), ABRAHAM VAN HELSING (7, 3, 7), ROMANIA (7), HAND TURKEY (4, 6), PHOOEY (6), LIGMA (5), WOW (3), TWITCH (6), HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES (2, 6, 2, 6), HOME FREE (4, 4), S-TIER (1-4), VAPE PEN (4. 3), LMAO (4) OR (1, 1, 1, 1), NEPAL (5), TAKE FIVE (4, 4), GOLD LEAF (4, 4), FEAR (4), NEW YEAR'S EVE (3, 4'1, 3), PIZZA (5), TWO (3), DOCTOR (6), ANY CLUE WHICH INCORPORATES THE NUMBER 100, 101, OR 102 (?), PIRATE (6), THE ABC'S (3, 3'1), PENELOPE PITSTOP (8, 7), DOPE (4), HOW ARE YOU? (3, 3, 3), CAPUT (5), C'MON (1'3), TAX (3), TAKE A BREATHER (4, 1, 8), WHATEVS (7), ONE (3), THEN TWO (3), THEN THREE (5), THEN FOUR (4), ETC., MECHANICAL BULL (10, 4), CHURRO (6), FORK (4), CARING (6), NUMBER ONE (6, 3), OLD HAT (3, 3), SODA CAN (4, 3), AND... SCENE! (3... 5), SPRIGATITO (10), MAESTRO (7), DUMPSTER (8), SOAP (4), OSTRICH (7), TURTLE (6), STAB (4), GARBAGE (7), MF DOOM (2, 4), CHARLIE PARKER (7, 6), CARBON (6), MCDONALD'S (9), PISTACHIO (9), GOOGLE-FU (6-2), LECHONK (7), TANGIBLE (8), COASTER (7), PODCAST (7), PASSWORD (8), BISHOP (6), BOWSER (6), CONTACT (7), HAIR TIE (4, 3), CHEESE GRATER (6, 6), TRAGEDY (7), STICKS AND STONES (6, 3, 6), NINTENDO (8), COBBLESTONE (11), BANANA BREAD (6, 5), CARPE DIEM (5, 4), SHOGI (5), CHARLATAN (9), RETURNED (8), SLEEP IN (5, 2), GASTROPOD (9), ASTRAY (6), IPHONE (6), OFFSTAGE (8), FIDELITY (8), PHOENIX (7), POO POO (3, 3), AFTERNOON (9), LOVESICK (8), BRUIT (5), APPROACH (8), BED ROTTING (3, 7), CHARABANC (9), MICHIGAN (8), NEW SOUTH WALES (3, 5, 5), EVONNE GOOLAGONG (6, 9), SUPERSTITION (12), PRODIGY (7), SCORCHED EARTH (8, 5) OR (8-5), MOTHER GOOSE (6, 5), HORSERADISH (11), ANY CLUE WITH AN EXTRANEOUS INDICATOR (?)


All Submissions

Clue ID Contest Clue Explanation (hover) Submitted By Likes
8898 THE CHASE (3, 5) Cheetah's activity? (3, 5) &lit
'the chase' as in 'the sport of hunting'
wordplay: anagram of CHEETAH'S ("activity")
bags 7
8463 ID CARD (2, 4) 1-down: "One that's driven to feel despair, primarily, with a bit of documentation (5)" (2, 4) whole clue: ID CARD
def. "a bit of documentation"
wordplay: I D ("1" "down") + CAR ("One that's driven") + ("to feel": i.e. 'to touch') D ("D[espair]", "primarily"); link "with"

inside clue: MOPED
def. "One that's driven"
wordplay: MOPE ("to feel despair, primarily") + ("with") D ("a bit of" "D[ocumentation]")
bags 6
8643 ANY CLUE THAT STARTS WITH "MACHINE TO STEAL" (?) Machine to steal rolls (4) TOOL
def. "Machine"
wordplay: reversal of LOOT ("to steal" "rolls")
bags 6
9566 GHOTI (5) ||Private parts for sexy fish? (5)|| def. "fish?"
wordplay: GI ("private": i.e. a private soldier in the US army) makes a space ("parts": the verb, e.g. Moses parting the Red Sea) for HOT ("sexy")
bags 6
5007 LAME DUCK (4, 4) Poor Donald is one (4,4) LAME ("Poor") + DUCK ("Donald is one", ref. Donald Duck), &lit bags 5
5077 BIFURCATION (11) You lie about helping to accept cold breakup (11) (U FIB)< + R•ATION<(C) // def. "breakup" bags 5
5148 WAIF (4) Homeless person was given that small cut (4) WAS ("was") + IF ("given that") - S ("small cut") // def. "Homeless person" bags 5
5153 VULTURE (7) Bird Box, dropping abhorrent lead, about to get “Universal” rating (7) VAULT (“Box”) minus A (“abhorrent lead”) + RE (“about”) surrounding U (“‘Universal’ rating”) // def. “Bird” bags 5
5156 GOBBLE (6) Wolf or turkey's cry (6) double definition: "Wolf" (verb) // "turkey's cry" bags 5
7550 SLOWPOKE (8) Essentially awareness-low Pokémon (8) &lit: awarenesS-LOW POKÉmon ("essentially") bags 5
8471 TIGER (5) African country has time for new animal (5) def. "animal"
wordplay: NIGER ("African country") has T instead of N ("has time for new")
bags 5
8616 DR. NO (2. 2) Bond villain pulling a U-ie on road (2. 2) def. "Bond villain"
wordplay: reversal of ON RD ("pulling a U-ie", "on road")
also contains a string of all 5 vowels: {A U-IE O}n... (not actually relevant to the clue, but neat, right?)
bags 5
8663 WATER (5) A wet fluid... right? (5) cheeky &lit; surface refers to the internet 'controversy' re whether water itself is wet
anagram of A WET ("fluid": adj.) + R ("right")
bags 5
8737 TE AMO (2, 3) Romantic confession short while after drink (2, 3) def. "Romantic confession"
wordplay: MO ("short while": i.e. 'in a mo') after TEA ("drink")
bags 5
12253 FORTHCOMING (11) Keep seeking shelters: cold is near (11) def. "near"
wordplay: FORT ("Keep") HOMING ("seeking") surrounds C ("shelters" "cold")
bags 5
5086 CALLIPYGIAN (11) Before paying, excitedly shout "I like snacks!" (11) CALL ("shout") + I before PYGIAN*("PAYING, excitedly") // def. "like snacks", 'snacks' being slang for attractive people bags 4
5188 INTRINSIC (9) Natural, hot part of Trinidad is turned cold (9) IN (hot) + TRIN (part of TRIN[idad]) + SI (IS, turned) + C (cold) // def. "Natural" bags 4
5324 TINSEL (6) Christmas decoration endlessly glistens in a magical way (6) [G]LISTEN*[S] // def. "Christmas decoration" bags 4
5378 CARP Complain about role-playing (4) def. "Complain" // CA ("about") + RP ("role-playing") bags 4
7031 TIC-TAC-TOE (3-3-3) Short game, ending when one's symbols become a straight line across on a grid (3-3-3) &lit
TACTIC[s] ("short" "game": as in 'I'm onto your game') + TOE ("ending"), when A & I ("one's symbols") become I ("a straight line") A ("across", "on a grid": 'across' in crosswords)
bags 4
7322 DOZE (4) Sleep; it's almost 12! (4) DOZE ("Sleep") = DOZE[n] ("almost" "12")
cryptic reading: "DOZE; it's DOZE[n]"
bags 4
7595 OWO (3) Co-worker hides inquisitive stare (3) hidden: cO-WOrker ("hides") = OWO ("inquisitive stare") bags 4
8236 EXORDIUM (8) Fumbling our mixed introduction (8) anagram ("Fumbling") of OUR MIXED = "introduction" bags 4
8429 UWU (3) Modern expression from universal language (3) def. "Modern expression"
wordplay: U ("universal": movie ratings) + WU ("language", variety of Chinese)
bags 4
8457 SCARLET (7) Red car cut off leg in street (7) def. "Red"
wordplay: CAR ("car") LE[g] ("cut off" "leg") in ST ("street")
bags 4
8465 ID CARD (2, 4) I'd drive around car with driver's license, maybe (2, 4) def. "driver's license, maybe"
I'D ("I'd") D ("drive": PRNDL) surrounding ("around") CAR ("car"); link "with"
bags 4
8594 ONE (3), THEN TWO (3), THEN THREE (5), THEN FOUR (4), ETC. Number, if inverted, leads to vectorization (4) FIVE
def. "Number"
wordplay: IF< ("if" "inverted") VE_ ("leads to" "VEctorization")
bags 4
8662 WATER (5) What's primary composition of tear? (5) &lit
W[hat] ("What's primary": 'primary' meaning 'something that stands first in rank') + ATER ("composition of TEAR": anagram of TEAR)
bags 4
8736 A CLUE THAT MUST SOLVE TO BOTH BENGALS AND RAMS, DEPENDING ON HOW WORDPLAY IS PARSED (7) AND (4) Who's fighting for the highest title? Woman who's found in mountains (7/4) BENGALS
def. "Who's fighting for the highest title?"
wordplay: GAL ("Woman") inside BENS ("who's found in" "mountains")

def. "who's found in mountains"
wordplay: RA ("Who's fighting for the highest title?": Royal Artillery, fighting for the Queen) + MS. ("Woman")
bags 4
8919 OLD HAT (3, 3) Dated awfully hot lad (3, 3) def. "Dated"
wordplay: anagram ("awfully") of HOT LAD
bags 4
9254 EASTER (6) Time for a bunny to be faster! *gluing an extra leg on the front* (6) def. "Time for a bunny"; link "to be"
wordplay: (F->E)ASTER ("faster", "gluing an extra leg on the front")
raise your hands, who else has tried gluing extra legs on rabbits to make them faster? 🙋‍♂️
bags 4
9421 SALAD (5) Re-ordered a lad's dish (5) def. "dish"
wordplay: anagrammed ("Re-ordered"), A LAD'S
bags 4
9693 ANGST (5) Sang off-key with true anxiety (5) def. "anxiety"
wordplay: ANGS* ("SANG", "off-key") + T ("true": i.e. true/false)
bags 4
9738 PATERISSA (9) Staff arranged a sea trip around 1st of September (9) def. "Staff"
wordplay: PATERISA* ("arranged", "A SEA TRIP") around S ("1st of S[eptember]")
bags 4
11398 B (1) Born a follower (1) "Born" (abbreviation)
"a follower" (B follows A in the alphabet)
bags 4
11428 D (1) Something to hide with underpants down (1) ddef: "Something to hide with underpants" (D: slang for male genitals)
"down" (D: in a crossword)
bags 4
11483 RED FLAG (3, 4) Concerning pattern for lad/GF (3, 4) &lit (entire clue is definition and entire clue is wordplay)
RE ("Concerning") DFLAG ("pattern for lad/GF": anagram of LADGF)
bags 4
11992 OFFICER (7) Proposal to embrace :clickx: outside Loss in PC (7) def. "PC" (police constable)
wordplay: OFFER ("Proposal") containing IC (":clickx:" with the outside removed: "outside Loss"); link word "in"
bags 4
12029 CAREEN (6) Charge/dash! (6) &lit
CARE ("charge": e.g. 'The kids were in her charge/care') + EN ("dash": en dash, –)
bags 4
12075 PORTCULLIS (10) Malfunctioning still, CPU restricts OR gate (10) def. "gate"
wordplay: PTCULLIS ("Malfunctioning" "still, CPU": anagram of STILL CPU) surrounds OR ("restricts" "OR")
bags 4
12224 MARTLET (7) Museum has paintings by large bird (7) def. "bird"
wordplay: MET ("Museum": Metropolitan Museum of Art) contains ART by L ("paintings" by "large")
wait, it's called "The Met" and not just "Met"? you peddle falsehoods
bags 4
12398 DADA (4) Pop art movement (4) double def. “Pop” (as in ‘father’) and “art movement” bags 4
4982 FILLER (6) Someone who loads rifle with a piece of lead carelessly (6) "Someone who loads" // (RIFLE L[ead])* (carelessly) bags 3
5027 CINNAMON (8) Prisoner captured in Vietnam presents a challenge (8) CON captured IN NAM = C(IN NAM)ON // def. "a challenge", ref. The Cinnamon Challenge bags 3
5094 HEAD (4) Part of the administration (4) hidden in t(HE AD)ministration, &lit bags 3
5187 WETLANDS (8) We'll stand around lake hidden in swamp (8) (WELLSTAND)*("around") minus L ("lake hidden") // def. "swamp" bags 3
6738 BAGS (4) I secure 4th entry in this (4) def. "I" (my username is BAGS) = BAG ("secure") + S (4th letter of "this"). Surface meaning: I submitted the 4th clue in this competition. bags 3
6892 GRENADINE (9) Explosive covered in sticky substance (9) GRENAD(IN)E = "sticky substance" bags 3
7011 PLANTS (6) These start to fill up park lawns with leaves (6) &lit
T ("T[hese] start") inside of ("to fill up") P ("park") LA[w]NS ("lawns", "with leaves")
bags 3
7107 I DON’T KNOW (1, 3’1, 4) I'm unsure what a retired boxer might say, leaving the ring (1, 3'1, 4) "I'm unsure" = I DON'T K.O. NOW ("what a retired boxer might say") without the second O ("leaving" "the ring")
Totally unfair but kinda fun too 🤷‍♀️
bags 3
7148 AND-LIT (3-3) What's more impressive to a crossword puzzler???? (3-3) &lit
wordplay: AND ("What's more": e.g. 'What's more, I learned to play guitar') + LIT ("impressive": slang). "to a crossword puzzler" indicates that the rest of the clue should be treated like a cryptic crossword clue.
def.: What (could be) more impressive (than this) to a crossword puzzler?
+? for grammar, +? for surface meaning, +? for the indicator "to a crossword puzzler", +? at dohz's request
bags 3
7336 OASIS (5) Nothing like this sanctuary! (5) O ("Nothing") AS IS ("like this") = OASIS ("sanctuary") bags 3
7363 MUFFIN (6) Messin' up food (6) ddef: MUFFIN' (Messin' up) & MUFFIN (food) bags 3
7594 MUM (3) Secretive gallery loses work (3) MUM ("Secretive") = M[use]UM ("gallery" losing "work") bags 3
7683 DOFF (4) Remove day of February (4) def.: "Remove" = DOFF
wordplay: D ("day") OF ("of") F ("February")
bags 3
7708 SKELETOR (8) Slovakian voter rejects country's leader (He wants to control everything!) (8) def.: "He wants to control everything" = SKELETOR (Skeletor's only goal is to become the master of the universe)
wordplay: SK ("Slovakian") ELE[-C]TOR ("voter", rejecting "[C]ountry's leader")
bags 3
8024 OUTRÉ (5) Alien is out and about (5) def. "Alien" (the adjective)
wordplay: OUT ("out") + RE ("about")
bags 3
8330 VOTELESS (8) Excitedly solve set of my best clues (8) def. "of my best clues" (i.e. 'like my best clues'... ya bastards)
wordplay: anagram ("Excitedly") of SOLVE SET
bags 3
8378 IXNAY (5) 9? No, 86! (5) def. "86" (as in 'to cancel')
wordplay: IX ("9": Roman numerals) NAY ("No")
bags 3
8438 FETCH (5) Get some buffet chicken (5) def. "Get"
wordplay: hidden in ("some") [buf]FET CH[icken]
bags 3
8549 REVEAL (6) Unveil through flipping a lever (6) def. "Unveil", link "through"
wordplay: anagram of A LEVER ("flipping": i.e. 'freaking out')
bags 3
8665 PICROSS (7) Pretty mad about one puzzle (7) def. "puzzle"
wordplay: P ("pretty": text speak) CROSS ("mad") surrounding ("about") I ("one": Roman numerals)
bags 3
8725 COBALT (6) Element that lab occasionally extracts from the buttocks (6) def. "Element"
wordplay: reverse hidden in tha[T LAB OC]casionally ("extracts" as a noun; "from the buttocks" is the reversal indicator)
bags 3
8741 A CLUE THAT MUST SOLVE TO BOTH BENGALS AND RAMS, DEPENDING ON HOW WORDPLAY IS PARSED (7) AND (4) Tonight's winners: single-gendered mountain-dwellers (7/4) def. "Tonight's winners" (of the Super Bowl)
"single-gendered mountain-dwellers" is either BEN GALS ('ben' meaning 'mountain') or RAMS (male sheep, natively live in mountains)
bags 3
8899 PROSPECT (8) View muscle under expert athlete's shirt (8) must be a down clue
def. "View" (noun)
wordplay: PEC ("muscle") under PRO'S ("expert athlete's") T ("shirt")
bags 3
8934 OUTLOOK (7) Microsoft software tool having been used after you entered agreement (7) def. "Microsoft software"
wordplay: TLOO (anagram of "TOOL" ("having been used")) after U ("you": textspeak) entered OK ("agreement")
bags 3
8935 SODA CAN (4, 3) Cover up a fire with piece of litter, maybe (4, 3) def. "piece of litter, maybe"
wordplay: SOD ("Cover up") A ("a") CAN ("fire": the verb); link "with"
bags 3
9217 CONCERTO (8) Possible composition for cornet & co? (8) &lit (bit of a def. by example, reason for the ?)
wordplay: anagram ("Possible composition") for CORNET and CO
bags 3
9571 LYNX (4) Famous Nintendo character's in announcement for Atari console (4) def. "Atari console" (the Atari Lynx, also called "The Lynx" or just "Lynx")
link: "for"
wordplay (really unique wordplay actually): homophone of LINK'S ("Famous Nintendo character's", "in announcement")
bags 3
9637 TONER (5) Briefly try to steal a skin product (5) def. "skin product"
wordplay: TR[y] ("Briefly", "try") containing ("to steal") ONE ("a")
bags 3
9639 ABANDON (7) Stop a belt being worn (7) def. "Stop"
wordplay: A ("a") BAND ("belt") ON ("being worn")
bags 3
9926 LIONESSES (9) Rests, hugging one's small group of cats (9) def. "group of cats"
wordplay: LIES ("Rests": i.e. the book lies on the table) around ONE'S S ("hugging" "one's" "small")
bags 3
9965 SMACK-DAB (5-3) Returned low-quality cameras, receiving $1,000 directly (5-3) def. "directly"
wordplay: reversal of BAD CAMS ("Returned", "low-quality" "cameras") containing K ("receiving" "$1,000": i.e. 'I bought it for 5K')
bags 3
10939 LAST MOMENT (4, 6) Wail about most terrible finale (4, 6) def. "finale"
LAMENT ("Wail") about STMO* ("MOST", "terrible")
bags 3
10949 RAMPANT (7) Escalating tirade about a politician (7) "Escalating" = RANT ("tirade") about A MP ("a politician") bags 3
11411 C (1) Near light speed (1) ddef
"Near" (C: circa)
"light speed" (C)
bags 3
11421 DEF (3) 100% unable to hear through the ear (3) def. "100%"
wordplay: DEAF ("unable to hear"), when heard ("through the ear")
bags 3
12078 MEOW (4) Do yardwork, maybe, around end of phone call (4) def. "call"
wordplay: MOW ("Do yardwork, maybe") around E ("end of phone": last letter of phone)
bags 3
12082 WOOF (4) Cry in court on Friday (4) def. "Cry"
wordplay: WOO ("court") on F ("Friday")
bags 3
12159 PAIN (4) Dad in agony (4) PA IN = "agony" bags 3
12202 HEART (5) It fills the arteries! (5) &lit (which i guarantee has been done a thousand times before)
hidden in tHE ARTeries
bags 3
12230 ÉTOUFFÉE (8) Cajun dish: English candy containing bit of umami (8) def. "Cajun dish"
wordplay: E ("English") TOFFEE ("candy") containing U[mami] ("bit" of UMAMI)
bags 3
12240 KEYSMASH (8) Makes shy criminal communicate frantically (8) def. "communicate frantically"
wordplay: anagram of MAKES SHY ("criminal")
bags 3
12322 GRAPHIC (7) Colorful, mostly grape juice-flavored drink (7) def. "Colorful"
wordplay: GRAP[e] ("mostly", "grape") HI-C ("juice-flavored drink": the American brand)
bags 3
12384 CWM (3) ||Fertilizer essentially doubled land formation? (3)|| def. "land formation"
wordplay: CUM ("Fertilizer"), with U -> W ("essentially doubled")
bags 3
4992 CHTHONIC (8) Temperatures CRAZILY hot in first circle of hell (8) C & H ("Temperatures": cold & hot) + HOTIN*("crazily") + C[ircle] // def. "of hell" bags 2
5041 ECHO (4) Mark is stuck between two choices (4) hidden in choicE CHOice // def. "Mark" bags 2
5095 HEAD (4) Where helicopters go to avoid border officer (4) HE[-lip]AD // def. "officer" bags 2
5161 GOBBLE (6) Act like a pig or a turkey (6) double def. "Act like a pig" (a glutton) // "(Act like) a turkey" bags 2
5190 YEW (3) Kanye West shows: something very toxic (3) hidden in [kan]YE W[est] // def. "something very toxic": only part of the seed is edible, the rest of the tree is toxic bags 2
5212 LIST (4) Rank 51st (4) def. "Rank" // LI (51) + ST (st) bags 2
5260 EXTRA (5) Additional bit of sex training (5) hidden in sEX TRAining // def. "Additional" bags 2
5296 NIGHTLY (7) Light sparkles in New York every time the moon rises (7) N(IGHTL*)Y // def. "every time the moon rises" bags 2
6771 MAGNETAR (8) Celestial body drawn from mix of magenta and red (8) MAGNETA (MAGENTA*) + R
def. "Celestial body" = ("drawn from": obtained from) MAGNETA (MAGENTA*("mix")) + R ("red", in RGB values)
bags 2
6895 STATISTICS (10) Solid methods to represent "approximately" with true numbers (10) &lit
S ("Solid": chemistry) + TACTICS ("methods"), where C ("approximately") becomes T + IS ("true" + "numbers": the verb).
bags 2
7057 YOUR FAVORITE FOOD (?) Very expired food (4) SO ("Very") + UP ("expired", as in time) bags 2
7081 DOOZY (5) Democrat leaking something extraordinary (5) D ("Democrat") OOZY ("leaking") = "something extraordinary" bags 2
7082 HOME (4) I'm thinking about a ring with extremely expensive piece of diamond (4) HM... ("I'm thinking") surrounding ("about") O ("a ring") + ("with") E[xpensive] ("extremely expensive") = "piece of diamond": home plate on a baseball diamond bags 2
7141 METROID (7) Small entity from space which is seen after leaving inside of green egg (7) &lit
wordplay: METEOROID ("Small entity from space") - E O ("leaving" "inside of grEen" "egg")
def.: the Metroid creature (for which the game's named) starts life in a green egg — see
bags 2
7184 CALIFORNIA (10) Lack of rain's destroyed me. Not going to be okay; in fact, exactly the opposite (10) sad &lit ):
wordplay: anagram of LACKOFRAIN ("destroyed") = CALKFORNIA. I ("me") not becoming K ("Not going to be" "okay"), but rather K becoming I ("in fact, exactly the opposite"). CAL[K->I]FORNIA
def.: For years, California has been in a serious drought:
bags 2
7589 MONDEGREEN (10) Misunderstood phrase from my level in French (10) def.: Misunderstood phrase
wordplay: MON DEGRÉ EN ("my level in", translated to French)
bags 2
7688 PLOSIVE (7) Mean person: "I've received 50K! ...Maybe" (7) def.: "K Maybe" = PLOSIVE (K is an example of a plosive in English)
wordplay: P.O.S. ("Mean person", from 'piece of shit') I'VE ("I've") containing ("received") L ("50", roman numerals)
bags 2
7881 GOLEM (5) Components of big ol' emotionless robot (5) def. "robot"
wordplay: hidden in biG OL' EMotionless ("Components of")
bags 2
7891 YOUR MOST RECENT LUNCH/DINNER (?) Dad's assistant makes food (5) PASTA
def. food
wordplay: PA'S T.A. ("Dad's" "assistant": teacher's assistant)
bags 2
7960 ATARAXIA (8) Cross through at Portugal–Spain border, showing calmness (8) def.: "calmness"
wordplay: X ("Cross") inside ("through") AT ("at") A RAIA ("Portugal–Spain border": portuguese name)
bags 2
8000 ANY BIRD WITH ENUM (3) Bird that can turn its head, and keep turning it, and turning it, and turning it, and tu—uh… uh-oh… um… uh… bird with its head broken off (3) OWL ("Bird that can turn its head, and keep turning it, and ...") = [f]OWL ("bird with its head broken off")

Sometimes it's about giving a fair, succinct, and unambiguous clue. Sometimes it's about sending a message
bags 2
8003 TRYST (5) Relationship necessity after making the heart initially yearn?! (5) &lit
wordplay: TRUST ("Relationship necessity") after making the middle letter ("the heart") Y ("initially", "Y[earn]")
bags 2
8092 OH NO (2 2) John Oliver shows? Dear God! (2, 2) hidden in [j]OHN O[liver] (“shows”) = “Dear God!” bags 2
8101 SPLURGE (7) Maybe purchase the deluxe package... accidentally... er... *gulps* (7) def. "Maybe purchase the deluxe package"
wordplay: anagram ("accidentally") of ER GULPS
bags 2
8108 DELIRIUM (8) Shop selling meat and liquor putting India in frenzy (8) def. "frenzy"
wordplay: DELI ("Shop selling meat") + RUM ("liquor") containing I ("putting India in": NATO phonetic alphabet)
bags 2
8177 AUTUMN LEAVES (6, 6) How, using nature, muddy ole lawn gets yellow and red? (6, 6) &lit: composite anagram
How using ("anagramming") NATURE MUDDY OLE LAWN gets YELLOW AND RED? "AUTUMN" leaves
i.e. if you anagram NATURE MUDDY OLE LAWN then remove AUTUMN, you get YELLOW AND RED.
bags 2
8201 GREGORY (7) Headless ogre with violent man's name (7) def. "man's name"
wordplay: [o]GRE ("Headless" "ogre") + ("with") GORY ("violent")
bags 2
8216 HI (2) How introduction starts! (2) &lit: first letters ("starts") of H[ow] I[ntroduction] bags 2
8247 COTILLION (9) Sick in bed, I sent back cancellation for gathering (9) def. "gathering"
wordplay: ILL ("sick") in COT I ("bed" "I") + ON ("sent back" "cancellation": reversal of NO)
bags 2
8250 BICKER (6) Sycophant dropping broken tool in fight (6) def. "fight"
wordplay: BOOTLICKER ("Sycophant") - ("dropping") OOTL ("broken" "tool": anagram of TOOL)
bags 2
8297 COPPER (6) Officer very quietly gets involved in some coercion (6) def. "Officer"
wordplay: PP ("very quietly") goes inside ("gets involved in") COER[cion] ("some" "coercion")
bags 2
8298 COPPER (6) Coin term for police officer (6) double def. "Coin" (British term, specifically a penny) and "term for police officer" bags 2
8345 VORPAL (6) Throwing up, wizard in bathroom whips up mystical, magical word (6) def. "mystical, magical word"
wordplay: reversal ("Throwing up") of PRO ("wizard") in LAV ("bathroom": short for 'lavatory'); link word "whips up"
bags 2
8347 DRAGON (6) Start to deafeningly complain about monster (6) def. "monster"
wordplay: D[eafeningly] ("Start to" "deafeningly") RAG ON ("complain about")
bags 2
8428 REJOIN (6) Concerning, blunt, curt retort (6) def. "retort"
wordplay: RE ("Concerning": i.e. 'on the subject of') JOIN[t] ("blunt": marijuana; "curt")
bags 2
8437 ANY ONE-WORD BAND NAME (?) Band's most powerful piece (5) ddef QUEEN: "Band"; "most powerful piece" (in chess)
etymological overlap? never heard of her
bags 2
8503 LOVERS (6) Solver is confused for a couple (6) def. "a couple": i.e. 'they're lovers'/'they're a couple'
wordplay: anagram of SOLVER ("is confused")
in the surface, "a couple" is supposed to read as "a couple of minutes"... is that a regional thing?
bags 2
8514 FEBRUARY (8) Month of year spent with ur bf? (8) def. "Month"; link "of"
wordplay: anagram of YEAR UR BF ("YEAR 'spent' with UR BF": 'spent' as in 'tired, exhausted')
bags 2
8626 BOGART (6) Keep painting of swampland? (6) def. "Keep"
wordplay: BOG ART ("painting of swampland?")
bags 2
8630 BOGART (6) Send a dab around and share¡ (6) gonna call this an anti-lit; the definition is the OPPOSITE of the whole clue (which is """signified""" by the ¡ instead of a !)
wordplay: reversal of A GOB ("Send 'a dab' around": i.e. a dab of paint) + RT ("share": abbrv. for 'retweet')

(this wouldn't be valid in a real crossword, but i find it interesting enough to submit nonetheless)
bags 2
8667 WET (3) Bathe with alien (3) def. "Bathe"
wordplay: W ("with") E.T. ("alien": abbrv. extra-terrestrial)
bags 2
8668 WET (3) Briefly urinate on (something), essentially (3) &lit (as in 'wetting' the bed, for example)
WE[e] ("Briefly", "urinate") on [some]T[hing] ("something", "essentially")
bags 2
def. "President"
wordplay: C-LEVEL ("Like CEO") + AND
bags 2
8859 DOUGH ZONE (5, 4) Announced #1 personal restaurant (5, 4) def. "restaurant"
wordplay: Homophone ("Announced") of DOHZ OWN ("#1" "personal": dohz is the current cryptic contest champion at 200 wins; "personal" the adjective, as in 'my personal opinion')
bags 2
8860 REIGN (5) Dominate on gaming website (5) def. "Dominate"
wordplay: RE ("on": i.e. 'on the subject of') IGN ("gaming website")
bags 2
8864 REIGN (5) Govern Niger liberally (5) def. "Govern"
wordplay: anagram ("liberally") of NIGER
bags 2
8923 APROPOS (7) A fake bone might be suitable (7) def. "suitable"
wordplay: A PROP OS ("A" "fake" "bone"); link "might be"
bags 2
9105 MOTHER (6) Tom turning back on that woman who raised me (6) def. "who raised me"
wordplay: MOT ("TOM"<, "turning back") next to ("on") HER ("that woman")
bags 2
9206 BLOOD PACT (5, 4) Symbolic induction leaving messy pool and scab, getting hint of discoloration on shirt (5, 4) &lit
S ("Symbolic" "induction") removed from ("leaving") BLOOPAC[s] (anagram: "messy" "POOL and SCAB"), containing D ("getting" "hint of discoloration") on T ("shirt")
bags 2
9214 BASMATI (7) Is Batman scratching bottom while stirring rice? (7) def. "rice"
wordplay: IS BATMA[n] ("Is Batman", "scratching bottom": without the last letter), when anagrammed ("while stirring")
bags 2
9215 CAPITAL (7) Excellent bread in California (7) def. "Excellent"
wordplay: PITA ("bread") in CAL ("California": abbrv.)
bags 2
9349 ARCHIVE (7) Log boat I have from a dictator (7) def. "Log"
wordplay: homophone ("from a dictator": i.e. one who 'dictates') of ARK I'VE
bags 2
9443 ANTHEM (6) A nation's opening melody, pretty much (6) &lit
A ("A") N[ation] ("nation's opening") THEM[e] ("melody, pretty much")
bags 2
9563 JACKAL (6) Donkey: a large animal (6) def. "animal"
wordplay: JACK ("Donkey": a male donkey, specifically) + A L ("a large")
bags 2
9565 CALICO CAT (6, 3) California on fire, engulfing shrub and maybe pet (6, 3) def. "maybe pet"
link: "and"
wordplay: CA ("California") LIT ("on fire") containing COCA ("engulfing" "shrub")
bags 2
9603 YANK (4) Overthrow king: "Not a chance, jerk!" (4) def. "jerk"
wordplay: reverse ("Overthrow") K NAY ("king", "Not a chance")
bags 2
9609 BOX (3) Heard noises from chicken coop (3) def. "coop"
wordplay: homophone ("Heard") of BAWKS ("noises from chicken")
bags 2
9634 BOX (3) Black bovine's enclosure (3) def. "Enclosure"
link: "'s" (abbrv. 'is')
wordplay: B ("Black") OX ("bovine")
bags 2
9695 ANGST (5) Dread Swedish physicist removing computer part (5) def. "Dread"
wordplay: ANGSTROM ("Swedish physicist") without ROM ("removing" "computer part")
bags 2
9743 HACK (4) Hit shed with taxi (4) def. "taxi"
wordplay: WHACK ("Hit") got rid of W ("shed" "with")
bags 2
9750 CAVE (4) Runs out of fancy grotto (4) def. "grotto"
wordplay: R ("Runs": baseball abbrv.) out of CRAVE ("fancy": verb)
bags 2
9781 BOWSER (6) Nintendo boss! (6) &lit double def: Bowser is a Mario boss, and Doug Bowser is President of Nintendo of America. bags 2
9927 ONSEN (5) Breaking nose: businessman's last resort (5) def. "resort"
wordplay: ONSE* ("Breaking" "nose": anagram of NOSE) + [businessma]N ("businessman's last")
bags 2
9928 ONSEN (5) One's resort back in Japan?! (5) &lit
ONSE* ("ONE'S" "re-sort": i.e. a re-sort of ONE'S, an anagram of ONE'S) + [japa]N ("back" in "JAPAN")
+? for resort/re-sort
bags 2
9954 SUPPORT (7) Keep opening with casual greeting (7) def. "Keep"
wordplay: PORT ("opening") with 'SUP ("casual greeting")
bags 2
10089 BARNS (5) Restrictions surrounding red farm buildings (5) def. "farm buildings"
wordplay: BANS ("Restrictions") surrounding R ("red": RGB)
bags 2
10239 CLOCK (5) Register in class, where pupils may be focused (5) double def.
"Register" (verb)
"in class, where pupils may be focused" (eyes may be focused on the clock in class)
bags 2
10536 MAO (3) Usual method to conceal ace for card game (3) def. "card game"
wordplay: M.O. ("Usual method": modus operandi) to conceal A ("ace"); link "for"
bags 2
10948 NINTENDO (8) Spanish boy's home to nurture and console (8) NINO ("Spanish" "boy") contains ("is home to") TEND ("nurture") = "console" bags 2
11296 BROOD (5) Atrocious jumper for a family (5) def. "family"
wordplay: BAD ("Atrocious"), with ROO for A ("jumper for a")
bags 2
11309 SANDBAG (7) Potentially throw my username in description? (7) def. "Potentially throw" (like throwing an online game)
wordplay: S AND BAG ("my username", "in description": my username is BAGS, which you could describe as "S" AND "BAG")
bags 2
11380 TRAIN (5) I rant about form of public transport (5) def. "form of public transport"
wordplay: I RANT anagrammed ("about")
bags 2
11412 LUMPIA (6) Video game star displays IP, coming back to get snack (6) def. "snack"
wordplay: LUMA ("Video game star") displays PI ("IP", "coming back"); link "to get"
bags 2
12015 FELICITATIONS (13) Praise a majority of cartoon cat references (13) def. "Praise"
wordplay: FELI[x] (a majority of cartoon cat: ref. Felix the Cat) + CITATIONS
bags 2
12038 PREPARE (7) Make criminal put back modern art (7) def. "Make"
wordplay: PREP (reversal of PERP: "criminal", "put back") + ARE ("modern art": modern version of the verb "art", like in "thou art")
bags 2
12044 TIMEOUT (7) Praise about my pronouns gives breather (7) def. "breather"
wordplay: TOUT ("Praise") surrounding I / ME ("about" "my pronouns" hehe haha teehee cuz 'my' is in the 1st person)
bags 2
12045 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (3 8 6 5) Apprentice steward having almost complete fear, hiding face after card game, making setback that impacted many this Friday (3, 8, 6, 5) def. "setback that impacted many this Friday"
wordplay: INTERN SERVER ("Apprentice" "steward") with AL[-L] ("almost" "complete") + [-T]ERROR ("fear", "hiding face") after 500 ("card game")
bags 2
12047 PLAY DEAD (4, 4) Lady poorly wearing green dress initially is in command (4, 4) def. "command" (a command for a dog)
wordplay: LAYD (anagram ["poorly"] of "lady") wearing PEA ("green": example of a vegetable, a.k.a a green) D ("dress", "initially")
bags 2
12062 MELANCHOLY (10) Weapon nearly penetrated me: pure sadness (10) def. "sadness"
wordplay: LANC[e] ("Weapon", "nearly") went inside ME HOLY ("penetrated", "me", "pure")
bags 2
12172 UNIX (4) Castrated men called out modern timekeeper (4) def. "modern timekeeper" (referring to Unix time)
wordplay: homophone of EUNUCHS ("Castrated men", "called out")
bags 2
12178 BEST BOY (4, 3) Film assistant is live with stench in dirty room (4, 3) def. "Film assistant" (thanks dohz)
wordplay: BE ("live") with B.O. ("stench": body odor) in STY ("dirty room")
bags 2
12179 POO POO (3, 3) Police had nothing originally on subject of release (3, 3) def. "subject of release"
wordplay: PO-PO ("Police") containing O ("had" "nothing") + O ("originally", "on": first letter of ON)
bags 2
12186 SOAK (4) Water small tree (4) def. “Water” (the verb)
wordplay: S (“small”) + OAK (“tree”)
bags 2
12191 LOWERCASE (9) Creole was displayed correctly, unlike this contest word (9) def. "unlike this contest word"
wordplay: anagram of CREOLE WAS ("displayed correctly")
bags 2
12222 CLOVER (6) Trefoil left in coat (6) def. "Trefoil"
wordplay: L ("left") in COVER ("coat")
bags 2
12223 CLOVER (6) Liberal wearing mask must be plant (6) def. "plant"; connector "must be"
wordplay: L ("Liberal") in COVER ("mask")
bags 2
12227 BRUIT (5) Islander bringing up old rumor (5) def. "old rumor" (BRUIT is an archaic word for rumor)
wordplay: BRIT ("Islander") containing U ("bringing" "up": L/R/D/U is use for left/right/down/up in various places)
bags 2
12263 QUAY (4) Who in France announced wharf? (4) def. "wharf"
wordplay: homophone of QUI ("Who in France", "announced": French word for 'who')
bags 2
12276 HEADPAT (7) Excitedly, a pet had this! (7) semi-&lit (so, def. "this", referring to the whole clue)
wordplay: anagram of A PET HAD ("Excitedly")
bags 2
12290 YOUR FAVORITE COLOR (?) Ingredient for orange chicken (6) answer: YELLOW
double def: "Ingredient for orange" and "chicken"
bags 2
12385 CWM (3) 100 miles enclosed with cirque (3) def. "cirque"
wordplay: C M ("100" "miles") surrounded W ("enclosed" "with")
bags 2
12386 GRACED (6) Blessed one is one in crossword's location (6) def. "Blessed"
wordplay: I becomes ACE ("one" "is" "one") in GRID ("crossword's location")
bags 2
12394 BUFFET (6) Batter for meal (6) double def. "Batter" and "meal" (link: "for")
probably been done 1000 times before, though
bags 2
12471 CEPHALOPOD (10) Two disks start to protrude, puncturing fish or squid, maybe (10) def. "squid, maybe"; link "or"
wordplay: EP and HALO ("Two disks": both EP and HALO could be clued as 'disk') P ("start to protrude": first letter of PROTRUDE) inside COD ("puncturing" "fish")
bags 2
12472 JOB (3) Book appointment (3) double def. "Book" (a book of the Old Testament, pronounced "johb" and etymologically unrelated) and "appointment" bags 2
4971 HOMOPHONE (9) Landline's getting old for electronic? It sounds the same! (9) HOME PHONE is getting O for E // "It sounds the same!" bags 1
5034 ALEATORIC (9) At a dice roll, without rigidness or correlation, essentially random (9) (ATA[D]ICEROL[L])*("random"), &lit bags 1
5068 ANY CLUE THAT'S &LIT AND A QUESTIONABLE DEF?! (?) Hairs cut all around?! (3) BOB: do + do ("Hairs": one's hair/hairstyle is their do) = dodo ••• dod[o]("cut") = dod ••• "dod" when turned around is "bob" // questionable &lit bags 1
5149 WHATEVER (8) Right after haircut, grasping hat without initial ambivalence at all (8) R ("right") following WEAVE ("haircut") containing HAT ("hat") minus A ("initial ambivalence") // def. "at all", e.g. I got no help whatever/at all. bags 1
5216 PFIZER (6) Pharmaceutical company President that makes a buzz after losing a bit of sleep (6) def. "Pharmaceutical company" // P (President) + FIZZER (that makes a buzz) minus Z (a bit of sleep: sleeping is denoted as ZZZZZ.... so, a bit of sleep is just one Z) bags 1
5349 BEIGNET (7) Mix gin and beet for this tasty treat (7) (GIN and BEET)*("Mix") = "this tasty treat" bags 1
5504 SHARPIE (7) Devious person cutting crust off pizzas (7) def. "Devious person" // SHARP ("cutting") + [P]IE[S] ("pizzas", without the "crust") bags 1
5535 LAWYER (6) Advocate for woman wearing coat (6) def. "Advocate" // W ("woman") inside ("wearing") LAYER ("coat") bags 1
6263 GREEBLE (7) No articles being written for pleasant, interesting object (7) [-A]GREE[-A]BLE (pleasant) = interesting object bags 1
6591 DECENT (6) Nice end-of-the-year tree (6) def. "Nice" = DEC. (abbreviation for 'december'; "end-of-the-year") + ENT (Tree-like Tolkein creature) bags 1
6763 ZENITH (6) Period of time in swelling height, when nothing is lacking (6) &lit: EON ("Period of time") in ZIT ("swelling") + H ("height") - O ("when nothing is lacking").
Someone may be able to clean it up using the same elements?
bags 1
6857 ABOUT (5) Dealing with an outbreak (5) ABOUT = "A BOUT" bags 1
6894 STATISTICS (10) Immediately goes for Twitch's percentages (10) STAT ("immediately": i.e. 'Give me 50cc's, STAT!') + IS ("goes for", costs) + TIC'S ("Twitch's") = "percentages" bags 1
6984 GASLIGHT (8) Beginning to grasp a subtle manipulative tactic (8) G ("Beginning to G[rasp]") + A + SLIGHT ("subtle") = "manipulative tactic" bags 1
7066 AXOLOTL (7) Cut out piece of considerable size from Mexican sea creature (7) AX ("Cut") O ("out": baseball) LOT ("piece") L ("of considerable size": large) = "Mexican sea creature" bags 1
7067 HOME (4) Mischief-maker's question with scratched property (4) WHO, ME? ("Mischief-maker's question") without W ("with" "scratched") = "property" bags 1
7152 PHLOGISTON (10) Fire-like substance supposedly pretty hot; piece of wood's not coming back (10) PHLOGISTON "Fire-like substance, supposedly" = P ("pretty") H ("hot") LOG IS ("piece of wood's") TON ("not", "coming back": NOT<) bags 1
7175 BLINKER FLUID (7,5) Practical joke: eyedrops? (7, 5) ddef: "Practical joke" = "eyedrops?"
Eyedrops are fluid for your 'blinkers'
bags 1
7249 NOTHING (7) "~FA~!" "No? Fine." "~SOL~!" (7) def.: "FA" (as in 'fuck-all')
wordplay: NO ("No") + THIN ("Fine", as in a fine line) + G ("SOL": equivalent note to G in do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do)
bags 1
7250 BREADTH (7) Beam, to some extent (7) def: "Beam, to some" (To nautical people, 'beam' means 'breadth'... but not to commonfolk)
ddef: "extent"
bags 1
7251 BREADTH (7) Wealth: this is GOING to be spread (7) BREAD ("Wealth": slang for money) + TH[is] ("this", "is going") = ("to be") "spread"
wealth redistribution gang
bags 1
7286 EGREGIOUS (9) Horrible Greg breaks empty promises (9) def. "Horrible"
GREG ("Greg") goes inside of ("breaks") E ("empty": fuel tank on a car) I.O.U.'S ("promises")
bags 1
7334 PENSIVE (7) Notes I have, deep in thought (7) PENS ("Notes": verb) I'VE ("I have") = "deep in thought" bags 1
7335 EXUVIAE (7) Release with initial debut being partially workable for cast (7) EXUDE ("Release") with D[ebut] ("initial" "debut") being VIA[ble] ("partially" "workable") = ("for") EXUVIAE ("cast") bags 1
7343 PELT (4) Attack dog potentially left inside (4) PELT ("Attack") = PET ("dog, potentially"), L inside ("left" "inside") bags 1
7438 LOGIC (5) 0 + 100: It makes sense (5) LOG I ("0": log(1) = 0) + C ("100": roman numerals) = LOGIC ("It makes sense") bags 1
7689 TAPA (4) Some food? Thanks, Dad! (4) def. "Some food" = TAPA
wordplay: TA ("Thanks") PA ("Dad")
bags 1
7707 PAPARAZZI (9) Famous rapper's followers recreated a pizza rap (9) def.: "Famous rapper's followers" (the paparazzi would follow a famous rapper around)
wordplay: anagram ("recreated") of A PIZZA RAP
bags 1
7957 GUY (3) Fish fails to hold onto very soft man (3) GUPPY ("Fish") - PP ("very soft": pianissimo) = GUY "man" bags 1
7958 GUY (3) Toothless, losing "5th of November" man (3) &lit
def.: Yaknow. He's the 5th of November dude. "Losing" here acts like an adjective (idk the linguistic word for it)
wordplay: GUMMY ("Toothless") - ("losing") [nove]M[ber] ("5th of November") M ("man")
bags 1
7967 ANY CLUE WHOSE ANSWER IS THE NUMBER OF LETTERS IT CONTAINS (?) XXX videos end, leaves full of desire (6) THIRTY
def.: XXX (Roman numerals)
wordplay: [video]S ("videos" "end") leaves THIRSTY ("full of desire")
bags 1
7972 FLASK (5) Thermos full, next to Alaska, passing over the border (5) def. "Thermos"
wordplay: F ("full", on a car's gas gauge) next to [a]LASK[a] ("Alaska", "passing over the border")
bags 1
7979 FLASK (5) Originally, lifevest is in full demand for water vessel (5) def. "water vessel"
wordplay: L[ifevest] ("Originally", "lifevest") is inside of F ("full": car's gas gauge) ASK ("demand": the verb)
bags 1
8019 LULL (4) Modern-day you transported into the 50s would be calm (4) def. "calm"
wordplay: U ("Modern-day 'you'": 'you' in textspeak) in ("transported into") L L L ("the 50s": Roman numerals)
bags 1
8027 TINIKLING (9) Traditional dance going around India (9) def. "Traditional dance"
wordplay: TINKLING ("going") around I ("India": NATO phonetic alphabet)
bags 1
8038 CALIPER (7) Instrument replica is out of tune (7) def. "Instrument"
wordplay: anagram of REPLICA (*"is out of tune")
bags 1
8041 AUTHORITARIAN (13) Write song about clown, center-of-attention dictator (13) def. "dictator"
wordplay: AUTHOR ("Write") ARIA ("song") surrounding ("about") IT ("clown": from the Stephen King novel) + N ("center of [atte]N[tion]")
bags 1
8064 DOUGHS (6) Uncivilized man’s remarks about what another uncivilized man would say (they get heated!) (6) def. "They get heated" (in the oven)
wordplay: D'OHS ("Uncivilized man's remarks": ref. Homer Simpson) surrounding ("about") UG ("what another uncivilized man would say": a caveman)
bags 1
8076 CARAMBOLA (9) Fruit (lemon, maybe), lamb, and a duck all mixed together (9) def. "Fruit"
wordplay: CAR ("lemon, maybe") + anagram of LAMB A O ("lamb, and a duck": 'duck' = O in cricket)*("all mixed together")
bags 1
8094 CAVES (5) What’s essentially non-occupied (save bats)? (5) &lit
("What's") C ("essentially non-occupied": middle letter of [non-oc]C[upied]) + SAVE*("bats": crazy, insane)
bags 1
8100 RUCK SACK (4, 4) Criminal cracks UK's storage location (4, 4) def. "storage location"
wordplay: anagram ("Criminal": adj.) of CRACKS UK
bags 1
8102 PROGRAM (7) Friends, maybe, holding a pleasing image of elderly relative (7) def. "Friends, maybe": Friends is a popular TV program
wordplay: PR ("holding a pleasing image": sustaining a pleasing public image = public relations) O ("of") GRAM ("elderly relative": north american term for grandma)
bags 1
8125 BURNOUT (7) Stress follower follows from you following a follower followed by immediately not being followed anymore (7) def. "Stress follower" (stress often results in burnout)
"follows from" = connecting phrase
wordplay: U ("you") after ("following") B ("'a' follower": B follows A in the alphabet) + ("followed by") RN ("immediately": abbr. for 'right now') OUT ("not being followed anymore", like a social standard or a fashion trend)
bags 1
8129 CROQUIS (7) Line of great importance said after beginning of comedy sketch (7) def. "sketch"
homophone ("said") of ROW KEY ("Line" "of great importance") = ROQUIS after C ("beginning of C[omedy]")
bags 1
8133 SNICKERDOODLE (13) Cookie stealer enters beginning of sweepstake drawing (13) def. "Cookie"
wordplay: NICKER ("stealer") inside of ("enters") S ("beginning of S[weepstake]") DOODLE ("drawing")
bags 1
8140 GYOZA (5) Japanese dish, and German/Italian dish directly after?? What's happening?? (5) def. "Japanese dish"
wordplay: G ("German") + ZA ("Italian dish": pizza) following ("directly after") YO ("What's happening")
bags 1
8146 LE FISHE (2,5) That woman is against life-changing meme (2, 5) def. "meme"
wordplay: SHE ("That woman") goes next to ("is against") LEFI ("life-changing": anagram of LIFE)
bags 1
8199 CHAMPAGNE (9) Who takes home the gold, silver, and empty celebratory drink (9) def. "celebratory drink"
wordplay: CHAMP ("Who takes home the gold") AG ("silver") N ("and") E ("empty")
bags 1
8214 SERAI (5) Caravansary is turning around time (5) def. "Caravansary"
wordplay: SI (IS, "turning") containing ("around") ERA ("time")
bags 1
8223 DORD (4) Word initially mistaken for entry to dictionary! (4) &lit
first letter of WORD ("Word", "initially") replaced with ("mistaken for") first letter of D[ictionary] ("entry to" "dictionary")
bags 1
8248 PRIMER (6) A coating quickly stopping rust, I am (6) &lit
PER ("A", as in 'one meal a person') going around ("coating") R[ust] ("quickly stopping", "rust") I'M ("I am")
bags 1
8249 CIRCUMNAVIGATE (14) Head around about 6 — or, maybe about... um... ... close to 7? (14) def. "Head around"
wordplay: CIRCA ("about") VI ("6") GATE ("or, maybe": logic gates) surrounding ("about") UM ("um") [seve]N ("close" to "7": close as in 'the play drew to a close')
bags 1
8259 CAPTIOUS (8) As a pedant is rambling, I just about space out (8) def. "As a pedant"
anagram ("rambling") of I SPAC[e] OUT
bags 1
8267 WORDLE (6) I'm telling you, we're not smart enough for that new daily puzzle game (6) def. "that new daily puzzle game"
wordplay: homophone ("I'm telling you") of WE'RE DULL ("we're not smart enough")
bags 1
8271 ANY CLUE WHOSE WORDPLAY IS REVERSE LETTER BANK (?) One who learns their lesson from those repeatedly in utter distress? (7) STUDIER
def. "One who learns their lesson"
wordplay: reverse letter bank of UTTER DISTRESS
bags 1
8279 :NOTLIKEDUCK: (11) Hated sucky, poorly-cropped emoji (11) def. "emoji"
wordplay: NOT LIKED ("Hated", as in 'the movie is hated') [s]UCK[y] ("sucky", "poorly-cropped")
bags 1
8299 NORTH (5) Disruptive thorn in the side for Abraham Lincoln (5) def. "the side for Abraham Lincoln" (ref. American Civil War)
wordplay: anagram of THORN ("Disruptive" "thorn")
bags 1
8312 SAVOIR FAIRE (6, 5) What a pyromaniac does to engulf area, employing one's style? (6, 5) def. "style"
wordplay: SAVOR FIRE ("What a pyromaniac does") containing A ("to engulf" "area") containing I ("employing" "one"); linked with apostrophe S
+? because of SAVOR FIRE
bags 1
8313 SPONTANEOUS (11) Suspicious about inverse operation (including working on tan(e), not calculated) (11) def. "not calculated"
wordplay: SUS ("Suspicious") containing ("about") PO ("inverse" "operation": reversal of OP) containing ("including") ON + TAN(E) ("working" on "tan(e)")
bags 1
8318 KIRBY (5) A Nintendo icon said, "Fight against drugs!" (5) def. "A Nintendo icon"
wordplay: homophone ("said") of CURB E ("Fight against drugs": E = ecstasy)
bags 1
8321 CALL IN (4, 2) Can admitting "Not feeling well" after getting up lead to this? (4, 2) semi-&lit (def. "this": admitting you're sick after waking up may lead to a call in)
wordplay: CAN ("Can") containing ("admitting") ILL< ("Not feeling well", "after getting up"); linked with "lead to" (in the past tense, not the present)
bags 1
8322 BOUTIQUE (8) Worker turns to fight in antique shop (8) def. "shop"
wordplay: ANT ("Worker") becomes ("turns to") BOUT ("fight") in ANTIQUE
(ant -> BOUT)IQUE
bags 1
8346 ESPERANTO (9) Spanish class sought help from intermediary language (9) def. "intermediary language"
wordplay: ES ("Spanish": ISO code) P.E. ("class": physical ed.) RAN TO ("sought help from": i.e. 'After he got fired, he ran to me')
bags 1
8350 PANCAKE (7) Smash occasional cracks in part of window (7) def. "Smash" (verb)
wordplay: C[r]A[c]K[s] ("occasional" "cracks") in PANE ("part of window")
bags 1
8363 DONJON (6) Professor Jack covering part of castle (6) def. "part of castle"
wordplay: DON ("Professor") J ("Jack": playing cards) ON ("covering": i.e. covering a subject in school)
bags 1
8407 KLUTZ OR KLUTZY (5) OR (6) Oaf (headless oaf) spins around, starts to topple zanily (5) def. "Oaf"
wordplay: [h]ULK ("headless" "oaf") reversed ("spins around") + first letters of T[opple] Z[anily] ("starts to")
bags 1
8558 BREAKING BAD (8, 3) Show about skipping eating (8, 3) def. "Show"
wordplay: RE absent from ("about" "skipping": 'skipping' as in skipping a class) BREAKING BREAD ("eating")
interestingly, if you remove the other RE instead, you get BAKING BREAD which is also a sensible phrase
bags 1
8627 BOGART (6) Hog end of blunt containing gram (6) &lit
wordplay: BOAR ("Hog") T ("end of [blun]T") containing G ("gram")
bags 1
8641 UNIVERSE (8) After eliminating work, not smart to brainlessly take over world (8) def. "world" (i.e. the universe/world of computing)
wordplay: without W ("After eliminating" "work"), UN[w]ISE ("not smart") to take [o]VER ("brainlessly" "take" "over")
bags 1
8669 MECHANICAL BULL (10, 4) Guys having drink? No way — left out party animal (10, 4) def. "party animal"
wordplay: MEN containing CHA ("Guys" "having" "drink") + I CALL BULL ("No way") without L ("left" "out")
bags 1
8753 OWL (3) wolf beat out the beginning of FRACTURE to create relevant contest (when combined with SUPERB) (3) def. “relevant contest (when combined with SUPERB)" (the Super Bowl being a contest)
wordplay: anagram of WOLF ("beat") without F_ ("out" "the beginning of F[RACTURE]); link "to create"
surface meaning: wolf almost got sniped by the FRACTURE (8) contest following the SUPERB (6) contest
bags 1
8800 FLUMMOX (7) Puzzle game genre is in volatile state (7) def. "Puzzle" (verb)
wordplay: MMO ("game genre": abbrv. massively multiplayer online (game)) is in FLUX ("volatile state")
bags 1
8827 THYMINE (7) Plant absorbing in chemical (7) def. "chemical"
wordplay: THYME ("Plant") containing ("absorbing") IN
bags 1
8947 SCRABBLE (8) Game feel (8) double def. "Game" (the board game) and "feel" (verb) bags 1
8956 AND... SCENE! (3... 5) Send Cena in a tussle and that's it! (3... 5) def. "that's it!"
wordplay: anagram of SEND CENA (*"in a tussle"; ref. wrestler John Cena); link "and"
bags 1
8957 TRAMP (5) President made you a hobo (5) def. "hobo"
wordplay: TRUMP ("President") made U A ("made" "you" (textspeak) "a")
bags 1
8958 TRAMP (5) Tread/stamp on surface? (5) &lit
outside letters of TR[ead/st]AMP ("on surface")
sorta like a reverse hidden. it's hidden on the outside
bags 1
9106 SPRING (6) Skipping across economical time period (6) def. "time period"
wordplay: without A ("Skipping" "across"), SPARING ("economical": adj.)
bags 1
9107 GALOSH (6) Tell someone to be quiet about a large shoe? (6) def. "shoe"
wordplay: GO 'SH' ("Tell someone to be quiet"; +? for 'green paint'-ness) containing A L ("a" "large")
bags 1
9112 VOW (3) Swear in voice over work (3) def. "Swear"; link "in"
wordplay: VO ("voice over") + W ("work": physics)
bags 1
9196 SONI (4) Part of Puzzlers Club not in agreement: "¡Sí!" "¡No!" (4) def. "Part of Puzzlers Club" (Soni is a member of Puzzlers Club)
wordplay: anagram ("not in agreement") of SINO
bags 1
9200 BROADWAY (8) Friend one day entertained with theatrical performances (8) def. "theatrical performances"
wordplay: BRO ("Friend") A ("one") DAY ("day") containing W ("entertained" "with")
bags 1
9250 SPIRIT LEVEL (6, 5) Turbulent Seville trip that’ll test steady planes (6, 5) def. "that'll test steady planes"
wordplay: anagram ("Turbulent") of SEVILLE TRIP
bags 1
9255 ALBATROSS (9) Actress Jessica and Singer Diana withheld true source of guilt (9) def. "source of guilt"
wordplay: ALBA ("Actress Jessica": ref. Jessica Alba) and ROSS ("Singer Diana": ref. Diana Ross) withheld T ("true": true/false)
bags 1
9262 ALBATROSS (9) A large winged animal (or alternatively, repeated source of shame)! (9) &lit
A ("A") L ("large") BAT ("winged animal") RO ("or", "alternatively": anagram of OR) S S ("repeated", "source of S[hame]")
bags 1
9276 UBE (3) Somewhat outstanding Filipino food (3) def. "Filipino food"
wordplay: UBE[r] ("somewhat" "outstanding")
bags 1
9386 MUSTARD (7) Some rodents in junkyard just about turning yellow (7) def. "yellow"
wordplay: RATS ("Some rodents") in DUM[p] ("junkyard", "just about") reversed ("turning")
bags 1
9604 TRIFLE (6) Something small getting around filter (6) def. "Something small"
wordplay: anagrammed ("getting around"), FILTER
bags 1
9699 ROUND ROBIN (5, 5) Shot rifle in competition (5, 5) def. "competition"
wordplay: ROUND ("Shot") ROB ("rifle") IN ("in")
bags 1
9966 JOVIAL (6) Happy with going in, flipping over large kid's drink (6) def. "Happy"
wordplay: VIA ("with") going in a reversal of L O.J. ("flipping over", "large" "kid's drink": orange juice)
bags 1
9980 MERCURY (7) Joyful about copper found in distant planet (7) def. "distant planet"
wordplay: MERRY ("Joyful") around ("about") CU ("copper": periodic table); link "found in"
bags 1
9981 OUTER (5) Alien returning to invade our surface (5) def. "surface" (e.g. 'outer layer'/'surface layer')
wordplay: reversal of E.T. ("Alien", "returning") inside of OUR ("to invade" "OUR")
bags 1
10081 DINT (4) 500: number on computer chip (4) def. "chip"
wordplay: D ("500") INT ("number on computer": abbrv. for 'integer' in many coding languages)
bags 1
10082 DINT (4) Mark's princess books (4) def. "Mark"; link "'s"
wordplay: DI ("princess": Princess Di) NT ("books": abbrv. for New Testament)
bags 1
10092 SLANT (5) Heel beginning to squish large bug (5) def. "Heel": nautical term, see
wordplay: S[quish] ("beginning to SQUISH") L ("large") ANT ("bug")
bags 1
11290 NINETY NINE (6 4) Amount spent in teeny inn (6-4) def. "Amount"
wordplay: anagram ("spent") of IN TEENY INN
bags 1
11306 SUBSTANCE (9) Devout follower enters substitute church to find meaning (9) def. "meaning"
wordplay: STAN ("Devout follower") enters SUB ("substitute") CE ("church": Church of England); link "to find"
bags 1
11410 C (1) Date's accompaniment gets what's on tap (1) ddef
"Date's accompaniment" (C: circa)
"what's on tap" (C: cold, on faucet)
bags 1
11586 MARS (4) Damages planet (4) ddef: "Damages" (verb) & "planet" bags 1
12017 KARAOKE (7) Sport time becomes decent bar activity (7) def. "bar activity"
wordplay: KARATE ("Sport"), with T becoming OK ("time" becomes "decent")
KARATE and KARAOKE both have the root "kara" (meaning 'empty'), if that etymological overlap impacts your voting.
bags 1
12025 FOIE GRAS (4, 4) French like to eat it, initially having fattened duck, say (4, 4) &lit
FR AS ("French" "like") to contain I ("to eat" "it, initially": first letter of IT) inside of O E.G. ("having fattened" "duck" "say")
bags 1
12036 HAMBURGEVONS (12) Half of actors advise against taking on meaningless text (12) def. "meaningless text"
wordplay: HAMB[ones] ("Half of" "actors") URGE ("advise") VS containing ON ("against" "taking" "on")
bags 1
12170 BEST BOY (4, 3) Shapeshifting DC superhero forgot a pet's nickname (4, 3) def. "pet's nickname"
wordplay: BEAST BOY ("Shapeshifting DC superhero") with A ("forgot" "a")
bags 1
12171 MARNIX (6) Puzzler ran about in stir (6) def. "Puzzler"
wordplay: ARN ("ran" "about": anagram of RAN) inside MIX ("stir")
bags 1
12190 GIMME (5) I'm replacing one in game—pass it! (5) def. "pass it!"
wordplay: I'M replacing A ("one") in GAME: G(a->IM)ME
bags 1
12205 HEART (5) Organ occasionally turning up in straight! (5) &lit
_A_R_ (ORGAN, "occasionally") reversed ("turning up": must be a down clue) in HET ("straight": short for heterosexual)
bags 1
12234 BUPKIS (6) Zero Pikmin regularly boarded vehicle (6) def. "Zero"
wordplay: P_K_I_ ("PIKMIN", "regularly") in BUS ("vehicle")
bags 1
12245 DEAD WEIGHT (4, 6) Spooner's married potential lover, resulting in burden (4, 6) def. "burden"; link "resulting in"
wordplay: Spoonerism of WED DATE ("married" "potential lover")
bags 1
12261 QUAY (4) Drunk fled property, landing at bank (4) def. "landing at bank"
wordplay: LIT ("Drunk") removed from QUALITY ("property")
bags 1
12267 PUNCH IN (5 2) Start working joke feature (5, 2) def. "Start working"
wordplay: PUN ("joke") CHIN ("feature")
bags 1
12273 PUNCH IN (5 2) Replace audio with record function (5, 2) double def: "Replace audio" (
and "record function" (when you punch in at work, you record your function)
bags 1
12274 PUNCH IN (5 2) Record start in classic NES boxing game—on the contrary? (5, 2) def. "Record start" ("Record" the verb)
wordplay: not PUNCH OUT, but PUNCH IN ("classic NES boxing game—on the contrary?")
bags 1
12275 AKIMBO (6) Crooked boa actively strangling Kardashian (6) def. "Crooked"
wordplay: ABO ("BOA" "actively": anagram of BOA) containing KIM ("strangling" "Kardashian")
bags 1
12277 INFERNAL (8) Plain fern also somewhat irritating (8) def. "irritating"
wordplay: hidden in [pla]IN FERN AL[so]
bags 1
12286 WASD (4) Had been Cupid's last alternative to arrows (4) def. "alternative to arrows"
wordplay: WAS ("Had been" [not exactly grammatically correct for the record]) D ("Cupid's last": last letter of Cupid)
bags 1
12294 CAPS LOCK (4 4) A neighbor put hats on some hair (4, 4) def. "A neighbor" (caps lock is next to the A key)
wordplay: CAPS on LOCK
bags 1
12324 ONLIADBCEHMRUS (14) Oh, I unscrambled randomly for hamburgevons alternative (14) def. "hamburgevons alternative"
wordplay: anagram of OHIUNSCRAMBLED ("randomly")
bags 1
12325 INCH (4) Move slowly in church (4) def. "Move slowly"
wordplay: IN CH ("church")
bags 1
12426 BEVERAGE (8) Be too old to consume orange juice, maybe (8) def. "juice, maybe"
wordplay: BE OVERAGE ("Be too old") to destroy ("to consume") O ("orange": color wheel)
bags 1
12431 GORGE (5) Washington surrendered second side of fort (5) def. “side of fort”
wordplay: GEORGE (“Washington”) without second letter (“surrendered second”)
bags 1
12436 CHAMFER (7) Cut unpleasant person after drink (7) def. "Cut"
wordplay: MF'ER ("unpleasant person": motherfucker) after CHA ("drink")
bags 1
4962 UNDERGROUND (11) Not smashed enough? That's beneath me (11) ddef: Not smashed enough // That's beneath me bags 0
5189 ETERNITY (8) Bird that's pierced some eyes for a long time (8) TERN (Bird) + IT (that) has pierced EY[es] // def. "a long time" bags 0
5198 TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC (4, 3, 5, 9) Globetrotter has the authority to start and stop opening dance (4, 3, 5, 9) TRIP FANATIC (Globetrotter), containing THE LIGHT (the authority), T (T[o] start), and S (S[top] opening) // def. "dance" bags 0
5275 CARTOUCHE (9) Oblong vehicle that hit me east (9) oblong = def (as a noun)
CART = vehicle
OUCH = "that hit me"
E = east
bags 0
5350 MODERATOR (9) Position of rule over a kind of columnist? (9) MODE ("Position") O ("of": cat-o'-nine-tails, pot o' gold) and R ("rule") covering RAT ("a kind of columnist": a fifth columnist is someone who works for the enemy in a war, hence a rat) // &lit: a forum moderator is a position of rule over forum posters... a kind of columnist. question mark for the "a kind of columnist" part of the def. bags 0
5382 INSIDE BASEBALL (6, 8) Popular sibling imprisons prostitute: completely incomprehensible (6, 8) IN ("Popular") SIB ("sibling") containing ("imprisons") DEBASE ("prostitute": the verb) + ALL ("completely") // def. "incomprehensible": the adjectival form of "inside baseball" bags 0
5483 ANY CLUE WHICH CONTAINS EXACTLY ONE LETTER (?) >:( X (5) CROSS: ddef. X is a cross and >:( looks cross. bags 0
5495 CHIVALRY (8) Politeness: the force of life. Be different to get big! (8) def. "Politeness" // CHI ("the force of life") + VARY ("Be different") containing ("to get") L ("big": large, in shirt sizes) bags 0
6706 DOWNRIGHT (9) Dr. Frank? (9) reverse engineer: "down" "right" = DR. "Frank" means "Downright" bags 0
6712 ED BALLS (2, 5) Politician reveals problem with penis (and testicles too) (2,5) E.D. (Erectile dysfunction: "problem with penis") + BALLS ("and testicles too"), def. "Politician" bags 0
6729 SNAP (4) Note written in part of tree bark (4) N ("Note") written in SAP ("part of tree") = SNAP ("bark") bags 0
6743 APERTURE (8) A tree collapsing across your last parking space (8) A + P ("parking") + ((TREE)*("collapsing") surrounding UR ("your"), put last ("last")) = "space" bags 0
6744 LJUBLJANA (9) Line-dance with Janice around Lima (a capital city) (9) L ("Line") + JUBA ("dance") containing ("with") JAN (short for "Janice") containing ("around") L ("Lima": NATO phonetic alphabet) = "a capital city" bags 0
6769 PED XING (3, 4) Riding a bike, make a left by crosswalk (3, 4) PED(AL->X)ING bags 0
6775 VERTIGO (7) State of head-turning: time to leave after taking in one side of building (7) &lit (kinda.... lol. the first bit defines it, but the rest is more like commentary. does that seem valid? i'd love to hear some discussion)
(VER[(E -> M)ON]T(IG)O)
VERMONT ("State") O ("of") losing EON ("time") with its head turned ("head-turning": E -> M, so losing MON) containing I ("one") G ("side of buildinG")
bags 0
6893 WANT (4) Dark and gloomy time? (4) &lit
WAN ("Dark and gloomy": literary ) + T ("time") // definition is in the sense of "the state of being poor and in need of essentials; poverty"
bags 0
6924 CHOUSE (6) Not-initially-resounding trick (6) &lit (no one likes being tricked initially... you laugh about it after the fact)
ECHO ("resounding": re-sounding) and RUSE ("trick"), not initially = [e]CHO[r]USE
bags 0
7078 ANY SUPERVOCALIC WORD OR PHRASE (?) Particular acknowledgements of debt not that serious (9) FACETIOUS
FACET ("Particular": noun) IOUS ("acknowledgements of debt") = "not that serious"
bags 0
7099 ANY SUPERVOCALIC CLUE (?) Fly in VP's head (not bullsh*t) (6) VANISH ("Fly": leave quickly) = ("in") V ("V[P]'s head"), AN- ("not": prefix) ISH ("bullsh*t": ish is a U.S. euphemism for shit) bags 0
7253 EEVEE (5) What's ecstasy before the end of the day lead to Espeon? (5) semi-&lit
surface: Eevee evolves into Espeon by leveling up with high friendship during the day
wordplay: E ("ecstasy") before EVE ("the end of the day": literary) + E[speon] ("lead to Espeon")
bags 0
7263 REASON (6) Cause part of the year to start a bit earlier (6) def.: "Cause"
wordplay: SEASON ("part of the year"), with the first letter ("to start") "a bit earlier" in the alphabet.
bags 0
7299 RENDER (6) Depict Santa's friends cutting wrapper for stuffing (6) def. "Depict"
wordplay: RE[i]ND[e]ER ("Santa's friends") without ("cutting") the outside part of the inside letters ("wrapper for stuffing": take [re]INDE[er] and remove I & E)
bags 0
7309 YATTA (5) Unknown value: one times one ... ... ... I got it! (5) def.: "I got it!"
wordplay: Y ("Unknown value") A ("one") T T ("time"s) A ("one")
bags 0
7404 DRIFT (5) Changing direction (a major fault) (5) &lit
wordplay: D ("Changing direction", "a": a[cross] and d[own] in a crossword) + RIFT ("major fault")
bags 0
7711 LAVISH (6) Elaborate situation where she may be mistaken for slave? (6) ddef (one straight def., one cryptic def.)
straight def.: "Elaborate" = LAVISH
cryptic def.: "situation where she may be mistaken for slave?" = LAV IS H (the word sHe may be mistaken for the word sLAVe if 'LAV' was 'H')
bags 0
7712 ANY DWARF FROM THE HOBBIT (?) Dwarf's armpit stench clinging to coat (5) def.: "Dwarf" = BOFUR
wordplay: B.O. ("armpit stench": body odor) + ("clinging to") FUR ("coat")
bags 0
7857 SODOKU (6) Kakarot forgets new guidelines, initially, and contracts "Delta" virus (6) def.: "virus"
wordplay: SON GOKU ("Kakarot") without ("forgets") N ("new") G[uidelines] ("guidelines", "initially"), containing ("and contracts") D (transliteration of Δ, or "delta")
bags 0
7858 SODOKU (6) Response to a hypocrite, maybe, having potassium affliction (6) def. "affliction"
wordplay: SO DO U ("Response to a hypocrite, maybe") containing ("having") K ("potassium")
Never gettable in a real crossword... but, hey, this isn't a real crossword 🤷‍♀️
bags 0
7943 FOX (3) Single fighter by 20XX, essentially? (3) &lit
def.: In Super Smash Bros. Melee, there is a meme saying that the character Fox will be the only competitively played character by the year 20XX.
wordplay: F ("single" (just one) "fighter": in designations of US aircraft types (ex. the F117 Stealth fighter)) next to ("by") 0X ("20XX", "essentially"). F0X looks like FOX when written in the grid.
bags 0
7955 WARIO (5) Reject saying "Oh, I like dough!" (5) &lit
def.: Wario is a social reject who likes money
wordplay: O ("saying" "Oh": homophone of 'Oh') I ("I") RAW ("like dough": literal uncooked dough) backwards ("Reject": the verb)
(O I RAW)<
bags 0
7956 WARIO (5) Who’s essentially eclipsed by a red Italian? (5) &lit
def.: Wario is far outshined by Mario, a red Italian.
wordplay: WHO ("Who") has center replaced ("is essentially eclipsed") by A R I ("a" "red" "Italian")
W(h -> A R I)O
bags 0
7980 FLUX (4) Change length among bones in the ear (4) slightly NSFW

def. "Change" (as in "a constant state of flux")
wordplay: L ("length") inside of ("among") FUX ("bones" "in the ear": homophone of fucks: both mean 'have sex with (someone)')
bags 0
7987 FLUX (4) Detailed card game variation (4) def. "variation"
wordplay: FLUX[x] ("card game", "De-tailed" (without its tail))
bags 0
7988 COMPLETE (8) Absolute Maker rising up above demolished temple (8) must be a down clue

def. "Absolute", i.e. a complete fool
wordplay: OC ("Maker": 'Original Creator') reversed ("rising up") above MPLETE ("demolished" "temple": anagram of TEMPLE)
bags 0
7990 CHAOTIC (7) Abandoning love, holding a circle of Hell in turmoil (7) def. "in turmoil"
wordplay: CHTHONIC ("of Hell"), without HON ("abandoning" "love": term of endearment) containing A O ("a" "circle")
read like "Abandoning love", "holding a circle", "of Hell" // "in turmoil"
bags 0
8013 TIMBIEBS (8) New limited-edition doughnut holes: I bit ‘em uncertainly… … … “Nah. Don’t buy it.” (8) def. "New limited-edition doughnut holes"
wordplay: TIMBIE ("I bit ‘em", "uncertainly": anagram of I BIT EM) + BS ("Nah. Don't buy it.": 'Bullshit', both in the sense of saying you don't believe someone)
bags 0
8023 JOHNSON (7) First and second part of COVID vaccine? (7) cryptic def: JOHNSON is both the first and second part of "JOHNSON & JOHNSON"
obviously objectionable but i dunno how else to implement the idea 🤷‍♀️
bags 0
8029 TOBLERONE (9) You got out of trouble, miraculously, with a chocolate bar (9) def. "chocolate bar"
wordplay: TOBLER[u]* (U leaving anagram of TROUBLE ("You got out of trouble, miraculously")) + ("with") ONE ("a")
bags 0
8066 ASPHALT (7) An expulsion from the rear after holding in pressure making red, large, and tarry product (7) def. "tarry product"
wordplay: A SHART ("An expulsion from the rear") containing P ("after holding in pressure"), making R -> L ("making red, large")
A S(P)HA[r->L]T
bags 0
8070 JOMAN (5) Puzzler from Rome initially hooked? (5) def. "Puzzler"
wordplay: ROMAN ("from Rome"), with first letter turned into a J ("initially 'hook'ed": J looks like a hook (+? for iffiness))
bags 0
8071 CRANBERRY (9) Fruit cake initially said to be unacceptable on the inside (9) def. "Fruit"
wordplay: C[ake] ("cake, initially") RAN BY ("said to", as in 'inform': ran [something] by [someone] = said [something] to [someone]) containing ERR ("be unacceptable" "on the inside")
bags 0
8107 REPRISE (7) Tweaked Pierre’s passage using familiar phrases? (7) def. "passage using familiar phrases?"
wordplay: anagram ("Tweaked") of PIERRES
bags 0
8109 DELIRIUM (8) Revolutionary US naturalist John indeed contracted light fever (8) def. "fever"
wordplay: reversal ("Revolutionary") of MUIR ("US naturalist John": John Muir) I ("indeed", "contracted": I[ndeed]) LED ("light")
bags 0
8121 SOFTFRO (7) Silly? Not to a cryptic clue writer! (7) def. "a cryptic clue writer"
wordplay: SOFT ("Silly": i.e. 'soft in the head') + FRO ("Not to": the opposite of 'to', as in 'to and fro')
bags 0
8130 S-TIER (1-4) Über Schildkröte? (1-4) very jokey ddef
straight def. "Über" (outstanding, supreme)
jokey def. "Schildkröte?" (means 'turtle' in German. 'animal' in German is 'Tier', so an animal in German that starts with 'S' would be an 'S' Tier)
bags 0
8135 WRAPPING (8) Christmas activity: whiskey spitting (8) def. "Christmas activity" (i.e. activity related to Christmas)
wordplay: W ("whiskey": NATO phonetic alphabet) + RAPPING ("spitting": slang)
bags 0
8147 BROAD (5) Huge entrance to barren trail (5) def. "Huge"
wordplay: B ("entrance to barren": first letter of B[arren]) + ROAD ("trail")
bags 0
8148 BROAD (5) Clear umbrella (5) ddef "Clear" "umbrella" bags 0
8154 POGCHAMP (8) Upset Republican Party winner with enthusiastic statement from the youth (8) def. "enthusiastic statement from the youth"
wordplay: POG ("Upset" "Republican Party": reversal of GOP) + CHAMP ("winner")
bags 0
8167 MULTIVERSE (10) Beings controlling the time in quiet realm of existence (10) def. "realm of existence"
wordplay: LIVERS ("beings") surrounding the T in MUTE ("controlling" "the time in quiet")
bags 0
8207 PLOTZ (5) Give books in today, if you would (5) def. "Give"
wordplay: OT ("books": Old Testament) in PLZ ("today, if you would": internet slang for 'please')
bags 0
8224 SIX (3) 10 is round number (3) def. "number"
wordplay: reversal of X IS ("10" "is", "round")
bags 0
8237 DOCTOR (6) Medical professional that'd be set after retiring, after undergoing one last examination?? (6) def. "Medical professional"
If you reverse DOCTOR, you get 'ROT COD'. If you 'rot COD' (i.e. COD rot16), you get SET. So, DOCTOR would be SET after being reversed ("retiring"), after being re-interpreted ("undergoing one last examination").
+ Two question marks because the clue is highly, highly dubious
bags 0
8290 WALTZ (5) Piece of pizza with round, light crust getting gobbled up (5) def. "Piece", linking word: "of"
wordplay: reversal of ZA W ("pizza" "with" "round") containing LT ("light crust": L[igh]T, "getting gobbled up")
bags 0
8307 NAIAD (5) New assistant haunted by a spirit (5) def. "spirit"
wordplay: N ("new") AID ("assistant") containing ("haunted by") A ("a")
bags 0
8310 FNORD (5) This word has hypnotic power? Fuck, no way! (5) def. "This word has hypnotic power"
wordplay: F ("Fuck") NO ("no") RD ("way": abbrv. for 'road')
bags 0
8362 CAPYBARA (8) Group of horses holding yellow (not black) rose for another animal (8) def. "another animal"
wordplay: ARAB PACK ("Group of horses") containing Y ("holding" "yellow": CYMK) without K ("not" "black": CYMK), all reversed ("rose"); link word "for"
bags 0
8371 SCRAP (5) Slightly NSFW clue >>> Shave last hair off junk (5)

def. "junk"
wordplay: SCRAPE ("Shave") without the last letter ("last hair off")
bags 0
8372 RUM (3) Drum's note left offbeat (3) def. "offbeat"
wordplay: [d]RUM ("DRUM's note left": note = D)
bags 0
8391 NOSH (4) Food: Obviously, it was left out (4) def. "Food"
wordplay: NO SHIT ("Obviously") without IT ("it" "was left out")
bags 0
8496 OUROBOROS (9) This character is but a snake’s head coming to the tail, with appearance primarily always being circle (9) semi-&lit (so, def. "This", referring to the rest of the clue)

short version: AURA'S BAR A, with S going to the end, with every A becoming O

long version: AURA'S ("character is": 'character' meaning something's distinctive nature) BAR ("but": e.g. 'everyone, bar a few stragglers') A ("a"), S going to the end ("'S[nake]'s head' coming to the tail"), with A always being O ("with 'A[ppearance] primarily' always being 'circle'")
bags 0
8508 BUFFALO (7) Improve OneLook to create puzzle (7) def. "puzzle" (verb)
wordplay: BUFF ("Improve": gaming term) A LO (elision of "One" "Look": i.e. 'lo and behold'); link "to create"
bags 0
8548 PITY (4) A constant show of gratitude leads to sorrow (4) def. "sorrow"
wordplay: PI ("A constant": yeah there are an infinite number of constants but whatevs) TY ("show of gratitude": 'thank you'); link "leads to"
bags 0
8628 BOGART (6) Brooks endlessly running past tree to maintain grass (6) def. "to maintain grass" ('grass' being slang for marijuana)
wordplay: GART[h] ("Brooks", "endlessly": ref. Garth Brooks) going after BO ("running past" "tree": ref. the Bo Tree in Buddhism)
bags 0
8629 BOGART (6) Bully got bra tangled (6) def. "Bully"
wordplay: anagram of GOT BRA ("tangled")
bags 0
8632 TWEED (5) Went after shirt's cloth (5) def. "cloth"
wordplay: WEED ("Went": urinated) after T ("shirt"); link "'s" (abbrv. 'is')
bags 0
8844 PROCYON (7) Two sides of an argument: one claiming "yes", and one that's the brightest in their field (7) def. "one that's the brightest in their field" (Procyon is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor)
wordplay: PRO & CON ("Two sides of an argument"), with CON containing Y ("one [side of the argument] claiming yes"); link "and"
bags 0
8865 LINTEL (6) What's trapped by fallin' telephone pole (6) def. "pole"
wordplay: hidden in ("What's trapped by") [fal]LIN' TEL[ephone]
bags 0
8936 MONGOOSE (8) Huge loser cutting wings off animal (8) def. "animal"
wordplay: MONGO ("Huge") [l]OSE[r] ("loser", "cutting wings off")
bags 0
8942 PERUSE (6) Read an application (6) def. "Read"
wordplay: PER ("an": e.g. $15 an hour) USE ("application": noun)
bags 0
9063 ROTOM (5) Pokémon with "Frost" form primely, maybe at the first slot (5) def. "Pokémon"; link "with"
wordplay: ROTO ("'Frost' form", "primely": prime letters of FROST FORM) + M[aybe] ("Maybe" "at the first slot")
bags 0
9110 GREEN TEA OR BLACK TEA (5, 3 OR 5, 3) Drink choice: After quarrel, we ultimately agreen't (5,3) "agreen't" being that slang thing kids are using nowadays, where "n't" is appended to a word that normally doesn't contract with "not"

def. "Drink choice"
wordplay: anagram ("After quarrel") of [w]E AGREEN'T. also a cyclic rotation, but that doesn't lead to a nice surface
bags 0
9128 FINALE (6) Finish part of fish drink (6) def. "Finish" (noun)
wordplay: FIN ("part of fish") ALE ("drink")
bags 0
9129 HELICOPTER (10) I get to ram into sanctuary using small vehicle (10) def. "vehicle"
wordplay: I COP ("I get": U.S. slang (I think?) meaning 'I obtain') to enter SHELTER ("to ram into" "sanctuary") without S ("using" "small")
bags 0
9195 APRON (5) A stab with a fork slightly cut kitchen garment (5) def. "kitchen garment"
wordplay: A ("A") PRON[g] ("stab with a fork" (verb), "slightly cut")
bags 0
9197 SONI (4) Yōkai going after small Japanese village (4) def. "Japanese village" (according to Wikipedia)
wordplay: ONI (example of a "Yōkai") going after S ("small")
bags 0
9199 OVERMORROW (10) Victor in old fight getting... uh... gold a couple days from now (10) def. "a couple days from now"
wordplay: V ("Victor": NATO alphabet) inside O ROW ("old" "fight"), getting ERM OR ("uh..." "gold")
bags 0
9207 ANY CLUE THAT USES THE SAME DEFINITION AND WORDPLAY (?) Symbolic induction leaving messy pool and scab, getting hint of discoloration on shirt (5, 4) BLOOD PACT
S ("Symbolic" "induction") removed from ("leaving") BLOOPAC[s] (anagram: "messy" "POOL and SCAB"), containing D ("getting" "hint of discoloration") on T ("shirt")
bags 0
9216 OBVIATE (7) Obviously, I had shut down (7) def. "shut down" (transitive)
wordplay: OBV ("Obviously": abbrv.) I ATE ("I had": i.e. 'I had a meal')
bags 0
9220 OBVIATE (7) Get around via bote (I spelled that wrong) (7) def. "Get around"
wordplay: VIA BOTE anagram ("I spelled that wrong")
it's supposed to say "via boat" but i spelled it wrong
bags 0
9224 HADES (5) Heads rolling in name of God (5) def. "name of God"
wordplay: anagram of HEADS ("rolling"); link "in"
bags 0
9259 CHARLIE PARKER (7, 6) Bird enhanced lake with rare chirp (7, 6) def. "Bird" (one of Charlie Parker's nicknames)
wordplay: anagram ("enhanced") of LAKE with RARE CHIRP
bags 0
9274 ERROR (5) Maybe literal headless imp (5) def. "Maybe literal" (a "literal" is a type of typographical error)
wordplay: [t]ERROR ("headless" "imp")
bags 0
9275 CARBON (6) Element of encouragement for someone trying to gain weight? (6) very stupid double def... don't judge me
"Element" = CARBON; "of" = link
"encouragement for someone trying to gain weight?" = CARB ON!
bags 0
9388 SPACEMAN (8) Leader of martians gets in range, surrounding one?! (8) &lit (with a ?-worthy def.)
wordplay: M ("leader of M[artians]") gets in SPAN ("range"), surrounding ACE ("one")
bags 0
9564 ASPECT (6) Part with one's muscle tee (6) def. "Part"
link: "with", i.e. 'along with'
wordplay: A'S ("One's") PEC ("muscle") T ("tee")
bags 0
9572 OEUVRE (6) OR, IF YOU PREFER, ŒUVRE (5) Groove repeatedly contains sound bite of musical work, maybe (6) def. "musical work, maybe"
wordplay: hidden homophone in "grOOVE REpeatedly"
bags 0
9601 ASPHODEL (8) What's currently most of Hades' plot? (8) &lit
def: The Asphodel Meadows is a section of the Greek underworld (of which Hades is the king). "Plot" in the sense of a garden plot.
wordplay: anagrammed ("currently": i.e. 'in the manner of a current', flowing), HADESPLO[t] ("most of" "HADES' PLOT")
+? for "currently"
bags 0
9602 GREEN EGGS (5, 4) "The Fault in Our Stars" author says to have good words at the beginning of book title (5, 4) def. "words at the beginning of book title"
wordplay: GREEN ("'The Fault in Our Stars' author") E.G.'S ("says": in the sense of 'for example') to have G ("good")
bags 0
9767 SEVERANCE (9) Re-distributing acres with even division (9) def. "division"
wordplay: anagramming ("Re-distributing") ACRES with EVEN
bags 0
9770 KEY CHANGE (3, 6) Maybe insert coins for song segment (3, 6) def. "song segment"
wordplay: KEY ("Maybe insert": the computer key) CHANGE ("coins"); link "for"
bags 0
9782 ROUND TRIP (5, 4) Act that gets one to do turn when traveling! (5, 4) &lit
w.p.: RP ("Act": i.e. role-play)
containing I ("that gets" "one")
next to ("to")
ROUNDT* ("DO TURN", "when traveling": anagram)
bags 0
10067 ANGLERS (7) Who winds up to retrieve line! (7) semi-&lit (so, def. "Who", referring to those specified in surface)
wordplay: ANGERS ("winds up") to retrieve L ("line": abbrv.)
bags 0
10079 PENCILS (7) Instruments top learner invested in class after class to take note! (7) &lit
wordplay: I ("I[nstruments" "top") L ("learner": abbrv.) invested in CS ("class": computer science) after P.E. ("class": physical education), to take N ("note": abbrv.)
bags 0
10084 PENCILS (7) Draws pic with lens broken (7) def. "Draws"
wordplay: anagram ("broken") of PIC with LENS
bags 0
10085 CURRY (5) Rush to dismiss top basketball player (5) def. "basketball player" (Steph Curry)
wordplay: SCURRY ("Rush": noun), removing first letter ("to dismiss" "top")
bags 0
10946 RAMPANT (7) Pandemic hit worker with shortage of money (7) "Pandemic" (adj.) = RAP ("hit") ANT ("worker") with M ("shortage of M[ONEY]") bags 0
10947 LAST MOMENT (4, 6) Close relative in city's shelter (4, 6) "Close" (noun) = MOM ("relative") in L.A.'S ("city's": Los Angeles's) TENT ("shelter") bags 0
11295 PHANTOM (7) Monsieur supports bug in soup as figment of imagination (7) must be a down clue
def. "figment of imagination"
wordplay: M ("Monsieur") supports ANT ("bug") in PHO ("soup": the [still...?] popular Vietnamese soup); connector "as"
bags 0
11307 INTUITION (9) Hunch sounds like it's hopeful? (9) def. "Hunch"
wordplay: homophone ("sounds like it's") of INTO WISHIN' ("hopeful")
bit of a laugh :P
bags 0
11377 A (1) Not the answer (1) ddef. "Not the" & "answer"
anti-&lit: "A" is indeed the answer
bags 0
11439 E (1) Drug provides energy (1) ddef: "Drug" (E: ecstasy)
"energy" (E: like in E = mc^2)
link: "provides"
bags 0
11441 FRANTIC (7) Swiss cheese sandwiches it sent back, getting mad (7) def. "mad"
wordplay: FRANC ("Swiss cheese": money in Switzerland) surrounds ("sandwiches") TI (IT, "sent back"); link "getting"
bags 0
12011 NYE (3) TV personality close to the audience (3) def. "TV personality"
wordplay: homophone of NIGH ("close", "to the audience")
bags 0
12026 CRÈME BRÛLÉE (5, 6) Vineyard containing wild ember with side dish (5, 6) def. "dish"
wordplay: CRU ("Vineyard") containing EMEBR ("wild ember": anagram of EMBER) with LEE ("side")
bags 0
12037 PING (4) In tears after losing small contact (4) def. “contact”
wordplay: [wee]PING (“In tears”, after losing “small”)
bags 0
12203 HEART (5) That man and ace share this! (5) &lit (which i reckon has not been done a thousand times before)
HE ("That man") + A ("ace") RT ("share this": abbreviation for 're-tweet', as in 'rt if you agree')
bags 0
12226 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (26) Preschool song's lyrics and keys? (26) double def: "Preschool song's lyrics" and "keys" (on a keyboard)
though, and i haven't checked this, there might be some etymological overlap
bags 0
12254 POKE (4) Prod meal with raw fish (4) ddef: "Prod" / "meal with raw fish" bags 0
12287 POLLYANNA (9) Survey: unknown number + one + one divided by zero = positive one? (9) def. "positive one"
wordplay: POLL ("Survey") Y ("unknown number") + AN ("one") + N/A ("one divided by zero": not applicable)
bags 0
12323 GRAPHIC (7) Game feature: good hit bar sound (7) def. "Game feature"
wordplay: G ("good") RAP ("hit") HIC ("bar sound": drunk people say *hic*)
bags 0
12393 CMU (3) Pennsylvanian school community's first Greek letter (3) def. "Pennsylvanian school"
wordplay: C ("community's first": first letter of community) + MU ("Greek letter")
bags 0
12432 INCORPORATED (12) Mingled during collaborative roleplay, spoke (12) def. "Mingled"
wordplay: IN ("during") CO-RP ("collaborative roleplay") ORATED ("spoke")
bags 0
12447 GOTCHA (6) Understood potential slogan for California Tea Processor Board? (6) def. "Understood" (what you might say after someone explains something)
wordplay: GOT CHA? (a play on "got milk?", the slogan for the California Milk Processor Board)
bags 0

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