PWN (3)

Started by bags

Defeat and remove a pawn (3)


Submitted by WoomyRogue

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7303 Defeat and remove a pawn (3) P(-a)WN WoomyRogue 1
7307 Heartless plan involves whippings leading to murder (3) P(-la+W)N
Def: Murder (figuratively)
Neeerd 1
7317 Regularly spewing beat (3) _P_W_N_ dohz 1
7323 Run audibly in the other direction? Nope! (3) &lit; "nope"<

that is, "nope" is read backwards phonetically (run it, audibly, in the other direction)

loose-ish definition, but to pwn is decidedly *not* to retreat, but to dominate instead
mbingo 0