GUY (3)

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Oddly gaudy dude (3)


Submitted by dohz

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7949 Oddly gaudy dude (3) G_U_Y dohz 2
7950 Half of a particular country is male (3) GUY(ana) quatrevingtneuf 2
7957 Fish fails to hold onto very soft man (3) GUPPY ("Fish") - PP ("very soft": pianissimo) = GUY "man" bags 1
7958 Toothless, losing "5th of November" man (3) &lit
def.: Yaknow. He's the 5th of November dude. "Losing" here acts like an adjective (idk the linguistic word for it)
wordplay: GUMMY ("Toothless") - ("losing") [nove]M[ber] ("5th of November") M ("man")
bags 1
7953 Dude drew a hand of Yu-Gi-Oh! on backorder (3) YU-Gi-oh< Firetruck 0